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Trinity : Holy Trinity : esoteric female trinity

The Father, the son, and the holy ghost : Physis, Sophia, and the Virgin


                "I had gone to bed in psychological tatters, had begged for mercy, and then dreamt a dream in which many female bodies were lying on many tables in a morgue, all of whom had been murdered. At one of the tables a woman physician- whom afterward I was to call Physis- was working frantically, attempting to resurrect one of the bodies. Beside her a solicitous wise woman- whom, upon waking, I was to call Sophia- was in a grievous panic, worrying that the resurrection would not be successful. Finally Physis moved back from the table and pronounced that the job was finished, and that she had been triumphant. Yet Sophia was still absolutely overwrought with anxiety, and was beseeching Physis, asking her if she was certain the woman was alive. At that moment a young, very innocently minded girl- whom later I was to call the Virgin- sat upright on the table and playfully said- Of course Im OK, and I awoke.

               This was the type of transformational dream which would occur to me every now and then, when the tension of growth and change into something new- because the old me was no longer useful to the whole- had reached its breaking point, like a child who had been forced to wear the same clothes year after year despite his growing body, until either the flesh became contorted or the seams tore apart and the garments were lost to the wind. I was scattered to the wind that evening, at the climax of the struggle, and all that remained was all that can ever remain during a complete transformation- innocence. I had become as a child.

                I knew then that everything inside of me, except wonder, had been destroyed during the previous weeks, because I had fallen into a false view of reality- and only the unknowing, virginally minded child could remain within me, were I to get back to the hub. I had been wiped clean in the fires leading up to the genocide and resurrection. And now, sitting awake, I felt an amazing calm and joy come over me, for I had come again to the blessed experience of awe- to the place where I did not know anything. ...

                I recognize now that this dream was much more than just a personal transformational event; it also displayed to me the missing pieces to the six-pointed star, a symbol which links the upper with the lower trinity, thus completing the cosmos. That is, whereas the upper-trinity (and I use the terms upper and lower without value judgment) consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the lower-trinity consists of Sophia, Physis, and the Virgin, otherwise known as the wise female archetype, feminine matter, and the openness of female concavity."



Excerpted from ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas           




















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