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a return to the mystery of ourselves      

by Jack Haas

ISBN 0973100702, $18.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


An inspiring exploration of the mystery of our existence. Jack Haas uniquely assimilates many different spiritual paths, world religions, and secular philosophies, and leads the reader into the experience of mystic wonder. Over two-hundred and fifty individuals from a vast array of cultures and epochs are quoted in this monumental assimilation of our highest human potential. The vast variety of sources include inspired individuals from Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Mystical Christianity, Alchemy, esoterica, Jungian psychology, Sufism, Taoism, the occult, mysticism, and an immense number of independent thinkers and writers.

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         Uniquely uniting all of these disparate voices, Jack Haas provides keen insight into why a life of awe and wonder are absolute necessities to our further spiritual evolution. He addresses the reasons why so many of us lead wonderless lives, and describes how we can regain intimacy with the mystery which we truly are.

         A must read for anyone pursuing a spiritual path or desiring to expand their conscious awareness of this incredible existence. This is a book devoted to the miracle, awe, and beauty in all life. It is a book about the rapture of unknowing.



prologue   the wonder of existence    education and indoctrination   the art of forgetting   organic mysticism   oriental spirituality   mystic India   mystical Christianity   biblical exegesis   immaculate conception: the virgin mind   becoming as children: innocent mind   newness and metanoia   inner metamorphosis: death and resurrection   genius and madness   the mystery of God   the kingdom of God is within  



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