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THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas     

ISBN 0973100753, $14.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


An inspiring collection of Jack Haasí metaphysical poetry, transformational drawings, and esoteric insights. This book metaphorically conveys the soulís journey through life, and subtly expresses the dream nature of all reality. Jack Haas takes the reader on a symbolic journey through the stages of inner evolution, interweaving mystical poems with symbolic line-drawings and potent philosophical aphorisms, in a profound blend of poetry, art, and metaphysics. This is a poetic dance into the substratum of our sublime selves, and into the twilight realm of the dream of being.




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ideograms from THE DREAM OF BEING can be viewed at: spiritandflesh/art  





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