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IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas   

ISBN 0973100710, $16.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


The highly acclaimed, modern autobiographical account of Jack Haas’ journey from the claustrophobic city, to the primitive wilderness of coastal British Columbia, California, and Alaska, and into the uncharted regions of the soul. The book traces Jack's unique life from homelessness on the streets of Vancouver, to being a resident in a down-and-out east end hotel, to building a squatter's hut in Vancouver's forested North Shore mountains. Eventually Haas escapes from the city altogether, and begins living like a true west coast vagabond, embarking on a magical ten year odyssey, exploring the wild west coast of North America, wandering amidst the towering forests and the crashing surf, and meeting an amazing cast of eccentrics, mystics, and misfits. Throughout it all Haas continued on his own internal voyage- a journey that would lead him into remarkable wilderness experiences, alchemical transformations, and spiritual awakenings.

        This is a true tale of adventure, misadventure, wonder, struggle, mysticism, and miracles. It is a journey into rare experiences, and it is a journey home.



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