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Oneness: union with the all

The following excerpts provide a unique analysis of the trials of being human and the requirement of spiritual growth.



"It is a deep and terrifying dive into matter which the spirit takes towards wholeness. It is a drowning and a rescue, a death and a transformation, a loss of breath and a growth of gills. ...I can say now that I am as much an aquatic, as a terrestrial, arboreal, aerial, and ethereal being. ...And it is only through the symbiosis of all these aspects that I also am a human, for humanity is the nexus, the crossroads, the hub through which all realms collide and commingle, which is why it is a crazy, brilliant, and disastrous thing to be human, because to be human is to be the pinnacle of the ever churning cosmos. To be human to be the living tension consciously existing in all realms at once, and therefore gluing the entire disparate cosmos into a workable whole." (from Roots and Wings, by Jack Haas)


"This is why things go haywire when you’re heading towards the core, because the closer you get to the center, the more duality becomes apparent, for the spokes are closest right at the hub, and therefore the divisions and the One exist side by side; here a person finds the almost simultaneous occurrence of love and hate, like and dislike, light and darkness, and failure and victory. ...These contradictory qualities are at the center of the spinning wheel, which the circumference can never get to nor understand, and therefore whomsoever lives out on the feverish radius exists only where the world of effect happens so slowly that the immovable cause remains obscure.  ...It is only when you stop completely that you fall back inside and witness the evolving universe from the revolving hub; and it is only then that separation turns into union, pain into laughter, death into life, and the kaleidoscopic manifest betrays itself as but the splintered fragments of a singular white light dispersed outward through the prism of the self." (from In, and Of, by Jack Haas)

           "What we claim to know as separate things, or even separate Mysteries, are unseparate parts of the Whole. So we can only become contiguous with the One Mystery by recognizing the Mystery within each one of us, which we are, which we call ‘I’." (from The Way of Wonder, by Jack Haas)

"God is the relationship of everything to everything else. Nothing exists alone- all is relationship. God is oneness composed of relation, from which the illusion of multiplicity emerges." (from The Dream of Being, by Jack Haas)


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