Meditation: the best meditation, is no meditation
    The following excerpt from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas, comes from the chapter on Organic Mysticism, and begins to explain why any method of meditation is simply an avoidance of the mystery and reality which already exists and which requires no such intentional exercise in order to become apparent.
"The Kerouac of the new millenium."
Frank Wolf (author of
Blind Bay)
    ...There is no methodology which might direct us toward reality, for all methodologies are based upon action within a 'known' forum, and it is this 'known' which is itself the door which we must unknow in order to walk through.
     Thus organic mysticism is not about 'finding', 'becoming', 'achieving', 'transcending', or 'understanding', it is simply about being; nor is it about meditation, prayer, austerities, or pilgrimages, for in order to be with the mystery, we do not have to do anything, except be.

“The greatest art is like stupidity.”
     Chuang Tzu

     Organic mysticism is not about rites, mantras, dogmas, or spiritual exercises (all of which, though perhaps valid in their own context, eventually become limiting factors to absolute unknowing, specifically because they do require context in order to be valid), it is about looking honestly at ourselves and everything, about de-identifying ourselves with the 'I' which participates in the play of being; it is about looking upon the self as if for the very first time, and letting it go, over and over again, so that It might continue to be and become more Itself, never again to be bound by the limiting mind.
     Regarding the non-necessity of disciplines and directives, Franz Kafka stated, in unabashed reflection:  “Self control is something for which I do not strive. Self control means: wanting to work effectively at some random point in the infinite radiations of my spiritual existence. But if I must draw such circles round me, then it will be better for me to do it passively, merely gaping in wonder at the immense complex, and just take home with me the strength which this spectacle, e contrario, provides.”
     To attain this 'passivity' we must live without thought of reward, goal, or attainment. We must exist in the world without knowing what it is to exist in the world. We must detach from our petty needs and understandings; we must effortlessly watch ourselves with complete, objective detachment, as if we were watching someone else watching someone else.
     Zen Master Fenyang relates this finding, suggesting: “When you're settled...your mind is serene, unaffected by worldly distractions. You enter the realm of enlightenment, and transcend the ordinary world, leaving the world while in the midst of society.”
     He is pointing to the 'no mind', spoken of in Zen training, which implies absolute, unadulterated, innocent, novel, effortless attention.
     Seeing is not a function only of the eyes, it is a mind-set; whether we look through given interpretations and filters, or instead take them off and see clearly with nothing in between us and life; whether we choose to polish the lenses or continue to see 'through a glass darkly'; or whether we choose to smash the windows, and let the breeze of brilliance blow through.

“You needn't seek wonders, for wonders come of themselves.”
     Zen Master Lingi

     Mystery is, it need not be invoked nor sought after, it need only be recognized.
     The glory of being cannot help but spontaneously appear when our vision is clear enough to see it. Acknowledging this, the kun byed rgyal po'i mdo claims: “The great wonders are not difficult [to see]. Through subtleness the understanding of suchness as to all good qualities and forces immediately arises from its own”
     I am pointing to the natural outcome of honest perception, which leads to the realization of incomprehension, which leads to awe, which leads to life. Wonderment is simply the initial gust, the shock that occurs when all the lenses are cleared- the inaugural, flabbergasting startlement that 'what is' IS! It is the annihilation of all previous premises, prejudices, and pseudo-profundities. When we finally look completely at ourselves and the world, for the very first time, we shall see the wordless, unimaginable, intimate, inimitable miracle of being blossoming all around and within us.
     And for this we do not have to seek for some secret, or develop great spiritual talents; we do not have to do anything, life does it all, for the essence of life is its unknowability.
     “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”, observed Oscar Wilde. Which is to say- the unknown is the known, and the known is the unknown; the Mystery stands right before us and in us, we need only open our minds and let this realization surge in.
     Life is an unimaginable miracle. Nothing is plausible. Nothing.

“To exist is a state as little conceivable as its contrary.
No, still more inconceivable.”

     E.M. Cioran

     Thus there is no process involved in true seeing, there is no 'understanding' which becomes obvious, there is only a meaninglessness of incredible meaning that lies waiting to be uncovered in all and everything. Mystery becomes the way to itself, because there is naught but mystery. ...
Excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas
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