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Group dynamics :      

the spiritual side of group dynamics


               "Since groups of people always carry a certain vibration with them, you can go from one building to the next, from one home to another, from city to city, or country to country, and each place will have a distinct feel, a distinct consciousness, and a distinct function within the evolution of the whole. ...

               I recall one fabulous autumn, in fact, when it seemed that all the vagrant strands of our colossal plexus had finally merged at the nexus of our common substratum.

                I recall how one individual after the next had their own unique, unbridled experience of the godsoul waking up within them, however apparent or obscure. I remember how one buddy of mine lost his mind for a while because he suddenly began to realize that God had, so to speak, held him for months like his own son, during the darkest darkness of his days, and, during this episode of insanity, my buddy spoke a number of prophetic things to me, about my life, which would come true only a few months later; I recall how another person revealed to me his idiosyncratic awakening- when the cosmic sound of OM resonated with such force within and about him that the splendiferous visual mandala which is said to accompany it during such mystic states of apprehension appeared to his bewildered eyes and he knew with the certainty of the inalterable Self the unequivocal realization which he could only describe as simply ...I AM; I recall another brother arriving at my hotel room at three in the morning in a fevered pitch of worry and excitement because a shift had occurred within him, an avalanche, a veil rent asunder, and now a terrifying hole loomed out before him in the ether, and he and I wandered about together all night in the chilling rain, discussing what was beyond our ability to discuss, and a few days later he was a new man, and you could not see the backs of his eyes anymore, for the space within had grown so infinite, and he walked with ease towards me that day and said he had decided to move to Europe because thatís where he was supposed to go, which he did; then there was the diaphanous and charmed young woman who, during meditation one day, rose up in her light body into an astral dimension where she mingled with other light beings in a boundaryless energy orgy until she felt the horror of being pulled back away from that freedom, lightness, and love, and back into the clutches and limitations of this gross corpulescence; I recall the fabulous crescendos of the nameless visionaries amongst us, and their unlettered panegyrics of euphoria which would cascade spontaneously off of their desperate tongues; I recall the young women witches suddenly awakening to the art and wisdom of their ancient souls and taking root amongst us; I recall the flow and dance of those days in which our souls mingled into the unseparate song of the one; I recall the nebulous stare of each and every pair of incredulous eyes as it glistened back the rapture and confusion at first glimpsing the vision of the new way; and I recall standing in the middle of it all and wishing it would go on and on, grow stronger and stronger, and the focal point which had been created at, of all places, our workplace, would become the critical mass required for the spirit to finally leap up from within all peoples across the earth, surround this weary globe, and devour the forces which bind us whole. ...

                I was on the wave, and I was riding in a kaleidoscopic medium that I was only beginning to be able to see."


Excerpted from IN, AND OF, by Jack Haas           


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