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Henry Miller, famous and inspirational quotes

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Christed  conversion 

Thy will  Jesus Christ  Disciple  Discipleship 


dark side 

star child  alien within 

spiritual ecology  interdependence 

Orpheus and Eurydice  microcosm and macrocosm  Jeweled web of Indra 

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Archetypes  Carl Jung Archetypes 

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Roots and Wings

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waters of life 

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Land of Cain  outsider  misanthrope 

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Waipio Valley  Big Island Hawaii2  St. Francis  Renunciation 

Face of God  Joseph Campbell  Moon Consciousness  Luna Lives  KundaliniAwakening  Chakra Awakening 

baptism  Travel France  Chastening by Christ   sistine chapel  esoteric Christianity 

trinity  transformational dream 

enlightenment of ignorance

wisdom of ignorance

dream interpretation2 

dream directives  Travel New Zealand  God Servants 

The Beast  Twin Souls  soul mates 

holy land  Travel Israel  via dolorosa  dome of the rock 


highly sensitive person  self acceptance  believe in yourself 

Oahu  Oahu surfing self   

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Jesus Christ and sex  Christianity and sex 

Mother Earth  Gaia  Pele  Puna  Lava 

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Highly sensitive people  energy vampires 

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