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"The Kerouac of the new millennium." Frank Wolf (author of Blind Bay)

Jack Haas is a wilderness explorer, world traveller, and independent researcher and writer. He now shares his time between British Columbia, Hawaii, Ireland, and India.

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THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

ISBN 0-9731007-0-2. Price: $18.00 US, 12.00 GBP, ebook $6.00 US. Category: Religion/Mysticism. Binding: perfect. Pages: 244, includes Table of Contents, Bibliography, and Index. Copyright: 2002

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A groundbreaking, exhaustive exploration of the mystery of existence, assimilating a multifarious collection of unique individuals from a great many disparate paths. Over two-hundred and fifty individuals from a great variety of differing epochs and paths are quoted in this work. This is a book devoted to the wonder and beauty in all life. It is a book about the rapture of unknowing.

"...written out of reverence for the beauty in all life. ...an articulate and insightful analysis of comparative religion presented with an overtone of wonder and joy of the greatness of existence itself. ...especially recommended reading for students of comparative religion and personal spirituality." The Midwest Book Review

"Heavily quoted and annotated, this book by author Haas is a thorough and well-researched work that sincerely attempts not only to teach, but also encourages others to 'stop and smell the roses'. ...certainly provides plenty of food for thought." Denise M. Clark (Denise's Pieces Book Reviews)

"...a most unusual, and powerful book." George Fisk (author of A New Sense of Destiny)

"This book really impressed me. The author...has achieved his goal of creating an aura of awe, wonder, and mystery in the mundane activities of daily living. ...a most stimulating read." Alicia Karen Elkins (Gotta Write Network Reviews)

"Wow! Beautifully constructed and useful book. ...What a glorious, uplifting, inspiring affirmation it is!"
Jonathon Kerslake (editor, Lived Experience)

"...inspires us to rediscover the mystery of ourselves. Jack Haas delivers a wonderful message with thorough research." Judine Slaughter (Express Yourself Books)

"...groundbreaking... showing that the common thread running through our highest experiences is the profound awareness of mystery and wonder." Joann Turner, The Messenger

"..a very sophisticate book..." Liana Metal (writerscrossing.com)
IN, AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas

ISBN 0-9731007-1-0  Price: $16.00 US, 10.50 GBP, ebook $6.00 US. Category: Autobiography/Spirituality Binding: perfect. Pages: 180 Copyright: 2002

In the spirit of Jack Kerouac, and Henry Miller, this is the highly acclaimed, modern autobiographical account of Haas' journey into the west coast wilderness, and into the uncharted regions of the soul. It is a true alchemical tale of adventure, misadventure, debauchery, wonder, mysticism, and miracles.

"...an enthralling, true-life account... Because of its philosophical, emotional, and insightful analysis, In, and Of is very strongly recommended reading for students of metaphysics and the contemplative life." The Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Choice

"...an embarassment of riches... one of the best books I've ever read... You've got to read this book."
George Fisk (author of A New Sense of Destiny)

"The Kerouac of the new millennium." Frank Wolf (extreme adventurer, and author of Blind Bay)

"This is a poetic and stunning piece of work that will leave you inspired to contemplate your own existence in the world... a great inspiration for those looking to make life-altering changes... Jack Haas has quite a tale to tell."
Nancy Jackson, Dog-Eared Book Reviews

"...lucid...and uncompromising... Read in awe."
Benjamin Tucker (author of Roadeye)

"One man's journey toward self-understanding... Haas has penned an intensely personal journal...along the road taken for ten long years he spent searching for that ever elusive 'mystery of life'." Denise M. Clark (Denise's Pieces Book Reviews)

"...the voice crying out in the wilderness, bravely, madly, tenderly, ironically... the rapture...bewilderment, confusion, redemption and realization so densely, so wonderously well. The sense of vertigo, of pain, of tearful joy bowls me over."
Jonathon Kerslake (editor, Lived Experience)

"Few like Jack Haas go the whole hog. ...imminently readable."
Nandakumar Nayar (bookreviewclub.com)
ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth

by Jack Haas

ISBN 0-9731007-4-5  Price: $16.00 US, 10.50 GBP, ebook $6.00 US. Category: Autobiography/Travel, Binding: perfect. Pages: 172. Copyright: 2003.

This autobiographical work is both a journey in spirit, and a sojourn on earth. It is a rambling, recalcitrant, rapturous ode to "...this crazy, impossible, beautiful world..." as Haas describes it. The author's travels encompass a wide variety of places, including India, Nepal, New Zealand, Hawaii, Europe, Ireland, Israel, and Iceland. Largely, however, this is an alchemical tale of Haas' love and union with the spirit, with Christ, and with the earth itself.

"...exquisitely balances poetic rapture and esoteric insight. ...a glorious illumination of our spiritual birthright." Benjamin Tucker (author of Roadeye)
THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas

ISBN 0-9731007-5-3  Price: $12.00 US, 8.5 GBP, $6.00 ebook. Category: Poetry/Art Binding: perfect. Pages: 120 Copyright: 2003

A unique compendium of Haas' metaphorical writings, transformational drawings, and esoteric insights, subtly conveying the dream nature of all reality.

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