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Dream interpretation :  

unique occurrences in the dream world


               "Life is the thing dreams are made of indeed. I have often said that I have learned more from dreams than from anything else. I was regularly educated in the school of the subconscious, and instructional sentences were uttered to me. Axioms like: “Awareness requires no effort”, “The manifest is the outcome of the sublime”, “When you have stripped yourself of yourself, then shall you be whole”, “Don’t be afraid, because you’re not really there”, “Whatever overly concerns us outwardly, destroys us”, “Surrender fulfils the whole because it completes it without doing anything”, “Everything is consciousness.”, “Everything is light”, “For the knight to embrace truth, he must realize that there is only one truth for him to embrace”, “God is truth”, and so on.

                But much more than just being educated and guided happened to me in dreams: All the subconscious characters creating havoc in my life were exposed in my dreams- the madman, rebel, coward, lone wolf, the alchemist called Valerian, and so on. And more, much, much more: I was absolved of my sins, finished with my karma, confronted Mara, found out why I had come to earth, found out who was for me, and who was against me; The Father aspect of God showed up symbolized as my physical father, and The Mother as my physical mother; I learned other people’s thoughts, dreamt other people’s dreams, had preconceptions, was destroyed by Christ coming after me with a shotgun, was baptised, resurrected, transfigured, and hallowed; I met aliens, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and St. Paul, all long deceased; I kissed the Mother Mary, and once ate a chocolate Virgin, all in my dreams.

                It was during sleep that I also began to receive and experience the incredible power of divine energy which can be sent down from on high into the prepared body. I suppose this was a likely outcome of the path I had already been on for years, but I had never felt this type of intense energy- like being hit with a thousand volts of pulsating God essence, cast down upon me, for whatever reason I am not sure, but when it happened all doubt within me ended regarding the true force of the universe which gives but the smallest fraction of its limitless potential because ...that is all we can handle."


Excerpted from IN, AND OF, by Jack Haas           




















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