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Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Lao Tzu, Jean Paul Sartre, self, mind, awareness, and mystery

excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas




“You are what you can’t find.”

Tigger, from Winnie-the-Pooh



Which is to say, the Self cannot be known to itself, for it is indefinable, acontextual, and infinite. Only that which is finite can be de-fined.

On this point Lao Tzu suggested, “It is called mystery. Meet it, you cannot see its face; follow it, you cannot see its back.”

And the kun byed rgyal po’i mdo states: “A contemplation of the great good qualities cannot be achieved through contemplating them by means of contemplation itself. ...Likewise, the immutable mind, this very mind itself, cannot be realized through one’s own mind. ...Consequently, the pristine awareness cannot be object to the pristine awareness.”

What these differing quotes are saying is that we cannot ‘know’ our ‘I’ directly.

Jean Paul Sartre describes this as such: “The very meaning of knowledge is what it is not and is not what it is; for in order to know being such as it is, it would be necessary to be that being. But there is this ‘such as it is’ only because I am not the being which I know...”

Another way of looking at it is this: when the little self dissolves in the big Self, every division ends; subject and object become one. As such the mystery and the perceiver of the mystery are no longer separate. Thus knowledge- which is an event that exists only when the One is divided into the ‘ten thousand things’- ends, and so the knower ends with the knowledge. Everything becomes mystery.



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way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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