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Samuel Becket, J. Krishnamurti , Rumi, Kabir, knowledge, words, misery, and reason

excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas




“Deplorable mania, when something happens, to inquire what?

Can it be I am the prey of a genuine preoccupation,

of a need to know as one might say?”

Samuel Becket



I am not here suggesting that we revert to a world community of idle idiots; it is not that we must give up the mind, as such, but only the assumption of ‘understanding’ what we are, what life is, and how we must therefore live it. For true living asks only one thing of us- to live. And we cannot do this in the boxes of mind; neither in the physical, nor in the metaphysical worlds.

“To be full of knowledge breeds endless misery”, admitted J. Krishnamurti .

            Facts, words, truths, and propositions: these are the interruptions of the soul’s joy at its own miraculousness, because no explanation of this event, of ‘what is’, no matter how profound or valid, can possibly do justice to the overwhelmingness of life’s occurrence.

‘Idea’ is negligence. Understanding is an entombment- a sepulcher of certitude. ‘Knowing’ buries the knower who ends up not filled with the living spirit, but, instead, embalmed with lifeless understandings. And it is these little understandings which we accumulate that simply prevent us from attaining the Great Non-understanding. ‘Knowledge’ is a stranglehold we are taught to place upon ourselves; by trying to know the unknowable we simply suffocate the true breath of mystery out of life.

“Ghosts wailed at night when the ancients invented word”, decried the Chinese poet Kung Tzu-chen, “A hundred anxieties beset men of later ages who know how to read.”

 Knowledge settles heavily upon us, like an oppressive weight built of things and meanings; we say “I understand”, and we die ignorant within that knowing. And the reason for this is that it is not really ‘knowing’.

“Conventional knowledge”, declared Rumi, “is a death to our souls, and it is not really ours.” And his spiritual brother, Kabir, who never valued reading, writing, words, or learning, affirmed: “With the word ‘reason’ you already feel miles away.”

Yes indeed, and not only the word ‘reason’, but also logic, truth, correctness, understanding- the whole lot of these words can be dismissed as failures.


excerpted from:


way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer














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