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Osho, Vaslav Nijinski, E. M. Cioran, strangeness, magic, madness, mankind, and mystery

excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas




“The non-mysterious concerns of human beings may be drawn as clearly as the outlines of this page. ...What is to be inscribed here but the disgust of generations linked like propositions in the sterile fatality of a syllogism?”

E.M. Cioran



We see that when the will to honesty overpowers the need for the security of understanding, only then will the exasperated individual stand his or her ground; only then will a person hold firm in the acceptance that the history of knowledge and learning is but a cowardly attempt to orient oneself within an unimaginable event- life! To finally come to terms with such a realization is to isolate oneself from the claustrophobia of man's ‘reason’, and to believe in one’s vision, despite what all others claim you should see.

This ‘new’ madness is the sanity of wonder. And only those strong enough to withstand the tide of mankind’s misconceptions, and to walk clean through without succumbing to the taint, only they shall be counted as the Keepers of the Mystery.

Osho provides us with a definition of this type, stating: “Strangeness of a thing immediately shakes you out of the rut of unconsciousness. ...if someone can go mad consciously, it would be a great experience; no other experience could be greater than this. is in such a situation that a feeling of utter strangeness overwhelms you... You suddenly find that all connections, all communications...have snapped, that all bridges have broken, and all adjustments have collapsed. You find that everything relevant has become irrelevant; the day to day relevance of things is lost altogether.”

Again, wonder is not about seeing spectacles that are wonderful, but wonder is instead a living function of the individual's openness, which is independent of any specific phenomena- because it includes everything; magic is a perspective, not an occurrence. Wonder is woven into the immanent fabric of the wondering mind, not in the outward recognition of something wonderful; it is the individual’s inward ability to un-recognize everything at once, in a euphoric implosion of non-interpretation.

From another individual who went the full distance into Mystery, so to speak, we have, from Vaslav Nijinski’s diary, “I want the death of mind. ...The mind is stupidity, but wisdom is God.”

We shall meet with Nijinski again in the final chapter. It is said that in the final stages of his insanity (or perhaps sanity, as it were) he was found giving his money away on the street, and claiming that he had suffered more than Christ. Whatever the reality of his experience, there is no doubt from his diary that he, like Artaud, went so far away from the profane understanding of mankind, that he could not get back; neither of them could any longer participate conventionally in a world which was far below their understandings (or non-understanding) of life. Their manias were the passions of men awoken in a prison who believed that they alone knew all others were in prison as well. And that prison is the mind.


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way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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