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Marion Woodman, Neville, Aleister Crowley, Osho, ecstasy, virgin mind, childhood, and God

excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas




“…the virgin forever a virgin, forever pregnant,

forever open to possibilities.”

Marion Woodman



Thus the individual, having become virginal, is impregnated, becoming a mother, and then gives birth, and the child born is also the very same individual. So in one and the same individual is the virgin, mother, and child, and the pieta is complete.

This is a truly awkward consideration to grasp, and can neither be proven nor disproven by reason or logic, for it must be experienced.

What happens is a mystical event- a spiritual birth.

Neville comments: “It is a personal mystical experience of the birth of oneself out of one's own skull...”

And Aleister Crowley exalts this two-in-one relationship as such: “I praise the luxuriant Rapture of Innocence, the virile and pantomorphous Ecstasy of All-Fulfillment; I praise the Crowned and Conquering Child whose name is Force and Fire, whose subtlety and strength make sure serenity, whose energy and endurance accomplish The Attainment of The Virgin of the AbsoluteΌ”

Again, not only are the Virgin and Child co-substantial, but the Mother and the Child exist inexplicably together as well. Osho describes this contradictory non-duality as such: “...a second birth happens. In this birth you are both- you are the mother and you are the child. You alone are both together. You are born, but there is no separate mother and there is no separate child. You are taking birth, and you are also giving birth; your birth is happening through you.”

Hence there is a transformation happening in the individual: becoming virginal of mind brings forth the divine impregnation, creating a mother who births the child.

This is an event which occurs as the soul evolves and prepares to grow beyond the confines of this material plane. And it is a real event, even though it cannot be observed by anyone other than the one to whom it is happening.

This digression on esoteric metaphysics we will have to leave behind, however, and continue on with the theme of the innocent child.

           Kahn provides us with a gentle transition back, stating: “The easiest way for the genius [to come to god-consciousness] is to make himself an empty cup, free from pride of learning or conceit of knowledge; to become as innocent as a child, who is ready to learn whatever may be taught to him. It is the soul who becomes as a child before God ...who becomes a fountain of God.”

Indeed it is wonder which occurs naturally to and through the child, because the child is not burdened with wonderless knowledge.


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way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer














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