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Don Juan, Cioran, Gods, inertia, wonderless society, eternity, magnificence, and nonsense

excerpted from THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas




“To turn that magnificence out there into reasonableness doesn’t do anything for you. Here, surrounding us, is eternity itself. To engage in reducing it to a manageable nonsense is petty and outright disastrous.”

Don Juan



            We were not intended to fall into the mundane inertia of our wonderless society, and live our whole lives through, seeing only from the limited vantage points provided by the world of the word. We were not intended to live enveloped by fragile misinterpretations- to cling to the veneer of ‘meaning’; we were intended to release these and apprehend unmeaning. We were intended to witness limitlessness, in ourselves, our fellows, and everything we come upon.

Cioran observed: “In the Mind’s graveyard lie the principles and the formulas: the Beautiful is defined, and interred there. And like it the True, the Good, knowledge, and the Gods- they are all rotting there. ...Consider the accent with which a man utters the word ‘truth’, the inflection of assurance or reserve he uses, the expression of believing or doubting it, and you will be edified as to the nature of his opinions and the quality of his mind. No word is emptier...”


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way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer














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