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Union of good and evil, Christ and Satan: Carl Jung and Zen

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas



          The next essential unification to occur within the individual is that of good and evil. In order to merge good and evil one must acknowledge their own depravities. This is a difficult inner accomplishment, because most of us inherently think we are good, and believe that only other people are bad. However, this universe is a mixture of the two, and anyone who believes they are good only will no doubt have the truth brought before them in unavoidable fashion, for goodness does not exist without badness.

            The absolute merging of these polarities began after I had a strong astral dream in which I encountered- as in the past- the deep, dark, aggressive and terrible force of Satan. And, as in the past, I was saved by calling on Christ. This time, however, the encounter was different from the others, for this time Satan was not outside of me, he was inside.

            After waking from that astral encounter I immediately began intentionally directing my consciousness towards Christ and his protection of me. I wanted to distance myself as far as possible from Satan. But then it occurred to me that what was necessary now was not further division, but union- union of the opposites of good and evil.

            I then began merging Satan and Christ within me- the absolute, loving, good light, and the absolute, oppressive, evil darkness. Instantly I inwardly saw a black and white checkered pattern emerge, and I felt peace.

            Moments later I had a vision of an old alchemist holding an orb made of precious metals inlaid with gems and he was offering it to me: a symbol of the whole self.


            The following morning my soror informed me that Carl Jung stated that a person needed to merge their male and female sides before he or she could merge their light/good and dark/evil halves. I had done so without prior knowledge of this process, though with a great amount of guidance from higher spirits.

            And so I say that if you would take Satan within yourself, you better also have Christ in there, or you'll be in for some big trouble, as it is only the balancing power of the light which makes integrating the darkness possible.

To become whole, which is to become one with the whole, means to exclude nothing. In this case one must recognize that they are both good and bad, which means being Satan as well as Christ. It is best therefore, as I have said, to become Christ first, for only then can the dark be assimilated without destroying you. You must become Christ so that you can be Satan Christed. Good and Evil. One. No longer either good or evil, but instead a whole new awoken, eternal Zen neutrality.


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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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