The Matrix movie: metaphor of Zion, flesh, Matrix, mind, machine world, and technology

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



           The movie The Matrix is an example of this theme. In the movie the lead character, Neo, is a master of the matrix, and in this way is a symbol of transcendental consciousness. However, Neo exists also in another realm- Zion. In my view, Zion represents the body (albeit the consciousness/matter event is somewhat turned upside-down by the movie, but nevertheless Neo is existing in two places at once- the dream world of the Matrix, and the real world of Zion). No doubt this is why the people of Zion had long, shaggy hair and dark skin, and enjoyed drums and dancing, for these are symbols of the earth and flesh. And, furthermore, the citizens of Zion felt love. And feeling belongs to the realm of the flesh and the soul.

Transcendental consciousness, when taken to the extreme, where everything is seen as illusion, expresses the essence of Neos experience in the Matrix. However, such transcendentalism does not account for Neos experience in Zion, which is the experience of the heart, of love, of the immanent soul. Hence Zion, again, is a place of long hair, drums, dancing, and soul-felt love, whereas the Matrix is a place of consciousness only- a mind-created reality.

Furthermore, in the movie there was a third aspect- the machine world. The movie was an attempt by its creator to assimilate not only the spirit and the flesh, but also technology- the machine world. However, the attempt symbolically failed. There was no assimilation, only a hiatus. At this point in the evolution of humanity I believe that the integration of these three aspects- spirit, flesh, and technology- is actually happening, and the author of the Matrix movie was subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) awakening to this integration.

It is now up to all of us to assimilate our own Zion with the machine world and the Matrix, creating a harmonious One. This is a tremendous, confused confluence however, and I, for one, do not know how long this integration will take.


excerpted from:

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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas



























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