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Technology and spirit: Queen Charlotte Islands, surrealism, and Georges de Chirico

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas




An important further integration for all of us, at this moment of our cosmic and earthly evolution, is the interpenetration of not only spirit and flesh, but also of technology.

This may seem like an odd idea to insert into the running thesis of this work, but in fact there is a massive invisible clash of forces going on in the world, as these seemingly opposed aspects of universal oneness attempt to merge into this realm.

I have had many experiences in which technology was symbolically intertwined with the spirit and flesh in order to help me unravel the confused course I did not know I was taking. Certain episodes of my inner life were reflected in ‘technological’ events around me. For example, on my second trip to India, eight years prior to my current journey, I carried with me an archaic laptop, and over the course of my stay, due to the rough and abusive conditions of numerous lengthy bus rides, the cells on the screen began to break apart and move around. At a point where approximately one-third of the cells had dislodged, their movement had spread them all over the screen, and had formed a perfect image of the map of the world. Message: I am the world.

Interestingly enough, at the end of that second trip, about four months later, those same cells had miraculously re-integrated themselves back into the screen, and the image had disappeared. The screen was once again almost as good as new. The image was gone, only the great space of oneness remained. The necessary message had been delivered, and then the slate had been wiped clean.

            All is reflected through all. However, because of our singular vantage point within the infinite multiplicity of happenings, it is hard to perceive that we are the all in all, as much as anything else, all parts of which are only one thing. Rarely do we see the greater event, which we call the world, as a manifestation of our greater selves.

            Another symbolic experience occurred, around the same time in my life, when I was planning to leave the remote southern area of the Queen Charlotte Islands, which are off the west coast of Canada- where I had been staying with a friend for over a month, during which time we had begun to quarrel and our brotherhood had turned sour, which caused me immense melancholy. The day before I was to leave I opened a book, which I had been carrying with me, on Dadaist art, and there, on the page I happened to turn to, was a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, titled Melancholy of Departure. The painting was comprised of a somewhat tangled factory or city scene (I was returning to the city), and an almost exact topographical sketch of the southern Queen Charlotte Islands. The likeness was inexplicable, and it was bewildering to see how perfect that spiritual mirror and symbology of my current life were presented to me.



melancholy of departure, Georges de Chirico, surrealism, dadaism, art

Melancholy of Departure by Giorgio de Chirico

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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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