Sophia, body of the Cosmic Christ: spirit and flesh as Christ

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



            I speak of the body, but it is not only the physical body which I imply, for the flesh body is but a window into the greater body- the cosmic body of the Goddess Sophia, who is one with the body of Christ.

            I say our bodies are the route into the greater body. The mind cannot get there, and, in fact, does not even know that it exists. Which is why it is important to disregard the mind and enter into flesh-consciousness in order to unify with Her.

            I speak of Her, Sophia, the Great Cosmic Goddess, but She is also He, the Great Cosmic Christ, for they are One.


 The body of the Cosmic Christ which is Sophia is the organic vibration of love which can only be known by the body and soul. The mind cannot know love, for love cannot be known, it can only be felt. But the body and soul can know love because love is the very reason that these exist. In fact, in the complete assimilation of the microcosmic body into the macrocosmic body, which is Sophia, and the assimilation of the individual, divine soul, the atman, into the greater divine soul, the paramatman, which is the Cosmic Christ, the entire pulsating universe becomes love, for love is union.


            To be the calm love that knows Christ is the all, is to be the Cosmic Christ.

            To be the Christ that is all, is to be without shame or fear, which is to be the eternal stillness pervading the all. Avalon.

            The ego has to lie down so completely, so humbly, in order to dissolve into the all, that this dissolution is a very difficult accomplishment, because in order for the ego to merge with the all, it must give up everything. Though in reality the ego gives up only ephemeral separation and gains absolute union; it surrenders limitation, and attains limitlessness.

            If I am an example of one who has been drawn towards union with the Cosmic Christ, then I state unabashedly that in my experience a person will do everything they can to avoid turning to faith, until they turn to faith, for that is what I have done.

            Fear is the absence of faith which is a distortion of the Christ/Sophia reality. Fear ends with acceptance into Christ and Sophia.

It is only after returning to faith that I understand that faith is a clean slate- a vessel empty of expectation, into which can be poured a new dispensation.

Perhaps my greatest task, in my involvement with the Cosmic Christ, has simply been to not get in the way of The Perfection. And yet what a thoroughly demanding, delicate, and divine task that has been.

I have had to surrender to my Christ self, to that Will which is my highest will, to that which is most me, in order for the Cosmic Christ to come through me. This is to trust, without expectation.

To surrender to the will of the androgynous Christ within, is to become that one. This is to be the same as the Christ to whom I surrender. My true self. No victim. A Divine being.

This is the reason for which the Christ descended into being- for the apotheosis of all mankind.

We are the saved and the forgiven, redeemed back to the eternal emptiness of God, the Tao, the eternal spirit married to the eternal form- for the Word become Flesh.

Christ is the one within us who does not bother with mankind but trusts the Mother/Father God in all things, because the Christ is the one within us who is with the Father and Mother; the Christ is the I within who is connected to God.

The Christ within us is the child of the Mother and Father; in becoming that Christ, we bring God down into being, and we bring Goddess up into non-being. The Christ is a relationship, and the Cosmic Christ is the relationship of all to all.

            Christ is the Mother Earth married to the Heaven Father. Christ is the union of the above and below; Christ becomes the below, and then unites with the above. Thus Christ is not only ‘other’ than the world, Christ is in the world. The world is the Body of Christ/Sophia. This is the apotheosis of matter.

            Christ is both within and without; at the moment of Christ-oneness there is neither in nor out, but only a fluid medium in which all diaphanous entities bathe. One bath.

However, in the end it does not matter whether you place Christ within or without, for the Christ space is one space. But if you have placed your I within yourself, then you might as well place Christ within as well, for then at least your I will be Christ, and that Christ will be all.

All that is Christ is one, and yet unique. All is one, and yet all parts are individual. Christ is an infinite body. The Body of Christ has limitless members. Member-ship is a murder and a resurrection, a death and a new life.

            To be born again is to die as you know yourself, then to be born contiguous with the Body of Christ. This is to be perhaps only a tiny cell in the distant limb of an infinite body, and yet to know that the all is composed of naught but separate, tiny cells. Separate but not divided. Individual and yet one. The Body of Christ.

            The old mind says: everything is separate, I am separate. The new mind says: everything is Christ, I am Christ. One.

When you start dividing up what is God, and what is not God, that is when you get into trouble.

Such oneness occurs prior to our subtle fall into duality, and after the marriage of opposites. The alpha and omega, the first oneness, and the last oneness; through this journey the individual Christ is transformed into the Cosmic Christ.

In that oneness I need seize no thing, no image, nor use a true power of my own separateness, for Christ is all. And I am run through by Christ. I am in all, the Christ all.  

I belong to this Christ realm in which I redeem through an uncomfortable absence which is no such suffering as compared to the initiator, Yeshua, the Son of Man.

Like an eddy which swirls distinctly in the great river, and yet is the same water rushing the same way, I am distinct yet one within the Cosmic Christ, the Maitreya, the Oneness of our divine, immortal, beatitude.

Thus the Christ within serves the whole, because the Christ is the whole, which is why Christ must kill the separate ego for the work of the whole to begin.

The whole is too vast, too immense for the small mind to encompass; one must become nothing, and let the Big Mind be.

To be Christ is to be an aspect of the Christ-machine, making oneness out of multiplicity; you being me, and me being you. Undifferentness. One. This is the Christ frequency.



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

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