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Shiva and Shakti, sacred sexuality, tantric cunnilingus, Khajuraho, and a woman's orgasm

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas




            Shiva is intricately connected to this divine river of tranquility. It is perhaps for this reason that not only peace radiates from this river, but passion as well, the passion of Shiva; for Shiva is the destroyer who is also a creator. Yes, a creator. And this is because destruction is in fact an act of creation; destruction is the end which is a beginning. As Shiva destroys, his Shakti creates. Shakti is the feminine power of the Godhead, without which only non-being would occur; for divine non-being to transform into divine being, the feminine power of the godhead is essential, for She is being. And so it is said that Shiva is nothing without Shakti, and Shakti is nothing without Shiva.

            In the union of Shiva and Shakti, the entire universe becomes a dynamic generative commingling of destruction and creation, of heaven and earth, of male and female, of non-being and being, of spirit and flesh. No doubt this is why the most common image to be found in temples devoted to Shiva is the lingam- the symbol of the great penis of Shiva penetrating the yoni of his Shakti.

            It is perhaps because of this that one evening after basking in the incredible quiescence pouring off the river, my soror and I returned to our hotel and were quickly spirited into our own dynamic, generative commingling of spirit and flesh. And by that I mean we made love, Khajuraho style.

            It is an incredible thing to merge the duality of male and female into the union of oneness. This is copulation. This is fornication. This is the universe in its creative state of orgasm.

            It is an incredible thing to reproduce the fundamental structure of this creative universe through the living actualization of the flesh, which is to orgasm with, into, or because of your mate. And it is an incredible thing to receive her orgasm.

            To orgasm is to glory in the fullest rapture of the flesh. To orgasm is to release energy through the chakras, and so to awaken the subtle energies of the kundalini pathway through the gross energies of the love-orgasm. This is to bring the archetypical pattern of the cosmos down into the incarnate potency of humanity. This is spiritual sensuality.

            Indeed, the ancient Indians knew that there is little more enjoyable in the cosmic realm of Eros, and little more healing in the earthly realm of flesh, than chomping upon your loverís buttocks, and then slopping about in her loins.

            To hold your mate hostage by the clitoris and love is to French-neck with Her deepest soul. To perform cunnilingus as if you were imbibing Amrita- the nectar of immortality- straight from the dewy petal of a vanilla rose, and to go still deeper psychically into the soul of that flesh, to suck on it, devour it, love it and become one with it, is to send the glory of the spirit into the glory of the flesh.

            To penetrate your mate in the front-facing wheelbarrow position, and to blow her crown chakra wide open through this tantric practice, is to link Eros with the empyrean beyond, to raise the flesh into the firmament, and so to add fat and fluid, bone and blood, semen and sex into the ledgers of the heavenly roster of divine creations.

            To slurp ambrosia from your loverís living, conscious, swollen clitoris is to re-enact the cosmic foreplay, just preceding the Fatherís orgasm which created all that is.

            For though humanity is all too ready to grant women, including the Goddess, the ultimate powers of creation, in fact it is the male aspect of the cosmos which initiates all that is. For a woman can orgasm in the act of union without creating a child, but a man cannot. A man spends his seed and a child is born. A woman orgasms and the universe rejoices. And perhaps this is why a woman, unlike a man, can orgasm in different areas of her loins, in different ways, limitlessly- because the universe wants ecstasy, not labor, as this term for childbirth so well implies.

It is indeed interesting that every child born out of erotic pleasure is caused by a manís orgasm, but none from a womanís. A womanís orgasm is the perfection of cosmic rapture; it is the joy of creation, but not creation itself. A woman can orgasm over and over again, out of sheer flesh-joy and pleasure. A man must control his urges or increase his brood.

It is for this reason that a woman in orgasm is the quintessence of the ecstatic, intimate, orgasmic universe itself. A woman in orgasm is the very fabric of this jubilant existence; she is the earth, the flesh, and all matter writhing in the joy of release, abandon, and being.

A womanís orgasm is nothing but joy, because it is uncreative; it is om without hum, which is the rapturous vibration of the cosmos unencumbered by its own creation.

A woman cumming wildly from the unrelenting penetration or mastication of her lover is the universe arriving at fruition. Her orgasm is the universe crying out to itself- ďCreate no more. Enough already. Let us be done with creation, and let us rejoice!Ē A woman in the emancipated throes of a tremendous orgasm brings light and vindication to the entire mad enterprise of being. Her orgasm is lifeís validity, its denouement, its manifest perfection. Om, baby!


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visionary art, acrylic painting, Lilith, Sophia Goddess, author Jack Haas India



OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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