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Shiva and Parvati: Mother Goddess samadhi, Issa, Christ, and the Dark Madonna

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas




One of the last pair of opposites to unite into one is the duality of internal and external- that is, what we think of as inward, and what we experience as outward. To merge these two extremes is to feel the subtle unity of all things, and to collapse the subject and object duality. This is to see yourself as all others, and all others as yourself; it is to view yourself from an objective distance, just as you would view all external Ďothersí, and to view all Ďothersí with a subjective intimacy, just the same as you would feel yourself within. This is to become no specific I, and therefore to be all Iís.


Eventually my soror and I had to depart from the earthly glories of Goa and return to the worldly ways of Canada. However, before departing from India, we spent a few days in Delhi. This polluted, overcrowded, and chaotic metropolis might seem like the last place on earth that one would have a potent spiritual experience, but anything can happen anywhere in India where, after all, the gem is to be found in the shit.

            By then I was becoming more and more immersed in the beings of the cosmic Goddess and God, so much so that while sitting cross-legged during the day in our tiny hotel room in Delhi I felt Shiva so completely that I became Shiva. Not the Shiva that is Nataraja- the dancing maniac bringing creative destruction to the world, but rather I became Shiva of the distant and contemplative Himalayas. Shiva the yogi. Shiva the silent one. Shiva the pristine, immoveable, limitless cosmic consciousness. I became enveloped in His spirit, and knew at that moment I was Shiva.

            Then at night, in the depths of tranquility and peace, in the middle of the still darkness, I became enveloped in the thick, penetrating, fully ensconcing energy of Parvatiís greater being, Devi, the One Goddess. Lying in bed, I merged into Her thick and fecund, glowing energy, and was united in Her.

This was a similar Mother-energy samadhi which I had experienced on the coast of British Columbia, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and in France, which are all places where such Mother energy is readily available. And now I had been received by Her in India.

Anyone who has ever felt the immense, all-consuming energy of existence- the Mother- will in no way consider life as an illusion ever again, for they will know with an absolute, visceral, organic knowing that their being is actual, and is part of the living earth, and of all life.

This Mother energy samadhi- in which the individual is absorbed into and becomes the gyrating, ubiquitous, creative energy of the cosmos- which is to say, the individual attains union with God the Mother- is a rare experience in a world where most of us have been brought up not only in denial of the reality of our own flesh, but are also in denial of the livingness of the earth, and of matter itself. And it is not until we become our own flesh completely, and therefore unite with all matter- for all matter is one- that we can enter into the Motherís creative, all-ensconcing, primordial energy, and know for certain that the earth, the flesh, and all that is, is as real as real can be.

            In the immense, intimate depths of the Goddess one realizes that the multiplicity and dynamic nature of form in no way modifies the infinity of Her eternity, because although form may change appearances, the essence of form- the Mother energy- is eternal.

            These two unions and communions- with Shiva and Parvati, God and Goddess- are phenomena which cannot ever be fully explained, for they must be experienced. To become God the Father is to become Shiva, who is Isa, who is Issa, the eastern Christ. To unite with the Mother Goddess, Parvati, who is Devi, is to become the living cauldron of intense Goddess energy, which in the west has come to us as the Dark Madonna, an aspect of Mother Mary.

            And from such experiences one comes to know that there are many names for the same Divine parents, but these are names only, and in the end there is no real division between eastern nor western spiritualities, but only diverse experiences arising from the one Godhead, which occur uniquely, depending on the cultural psyche and the disposition of the individual.

I find it no great surprise that my entire eastern journey began back in the west, in The Baba coffee shop in Amsterdam, a place dedicated to Ganesha- the initiator- the elephant-faced son of Shiva and Parvati.


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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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