Meeting the Mother Goddess: grace and blessings: esoteric oversoul emanations

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



             In that eternal stillness I spent the winter embracing the living om. It was perhaps because of this that as springtime arrived I felt drawn to return once again to the home of om, Mother India.

            And so, after putting things in order over the next couple of months, my soror and I booked flights headed for the Motherland, with the intention of staying on the subcontinent from the beginning of August until the middle of October.

            All was set in place and the trip was about to begin. However, as my soror was also the mother, at that time, of a ten-year old boy, her heart-strings, bound inextricably to her child, were often painfully hard to stretch great distances for any lengthy period of time. In the past she and I had traveled together many times, and had been away from Vancouver, where her son lived with his father, for a couple of months at a time. But it was always a sorrowful and agonizing event for her to depart with me and leave her son in the care of her ex-husband. And, to be sure, the same agony and worry were visited upon her as the day of our departure grew near, an agony and worry which grew to a crescendo of anguish at the thought of not seeing her child for the next two months.


The morning we were to leave, we arrived at the airport and the gravity of the moment became too much for my soror. She came undone, admitting, in great sorrow, that she would not be able to join me on our journey; she could not leave her son again for such a lengthy time.

            This was a horrible moment for both of us, because we realized that this meant that now we would be separated for those two months, since I could not give up the call of my spirit, and would go on to India without her.

            After an agonizing hour of tears and hugging, it was time for me to go through the check-in gates, and, after our last desperate hug, I turned to leave her, but at that moment something switched within my soror, and that was …she suddenly knew she had to go.

            Whether it was the intense love-bond between us, which caused her change of heart, or the fulfillment of a destiny she could not avoid completing, is a matter not worth debating. She had decided to come, and, having called her son to tell him she would return early if necessary, she and I headed to the gates.

            It was at that moment that the cosmos declared its victory, as it always does when a person chooses his or her highest path, and turns down the darkened fork in the road, not knowing where it will lead, but knowing it is the correct path.

            At every moment in life there lies a similar fork in the road: one direction leads to one’s highest destiny, the other leads to a banquet of consolations. To choose one’s highest path at every moment is to sacrifice everything at every moment for one’s highest path, but then to also realize that when one is willing to make the sacrifice, the sacrifice is unnecessary, and only that which one is not willing to sacrifice must be sacrificed. This is the lesson of Abraham and Isaac, where at the last moment of the willing sacrifice of his son Isaac, Abraham was acquitted of the debt, because it had been paid through his will. The debt is our attachment to anything which comes before our inner godself, and the payment is exactly that to which we are attached.

            Anyway, my soror and I must have both cleared our divine debts, so to speak, for as we were about to go through the check-in gates at the airport I heard a woman call out my name, and I turned to see who it was, and there before me stood an emanation of the Mother Goddess. I kid you not. She was not Efa, the Irish Eve, but another form of the Goddess altogether.

            This woman was made of flesh and blood and sweat and love and tears, like all the rest of us. And, yes, she was human. But all of humanity is an emanation of one oversoul or another. We may think we are ‘individual’, but in reality there is no such thing, for we are all aspects of a greater soul, and each greater soul has many emanations on earth.[1] And the woman who beckoned me just as we were headed through the gates, just moments after my soror had chosen the harder but better path, had been pointed out to me many years ago, by an incredibly lucid friend of mine, as an emanation of the Mother Goddess. And there she was- inexplicably, synchronistically, fantastically present to send us off with a smile and a hug and herald the beginning of what would become a life-altering trip for both my soror and me.

            We had received the Mother’s blessing. And all you can do when a benediction like that walks into your life, gives you a great glorious embrace, and then releases you away onto your sacred journey, is to throw up your arms in awe and gratitude, and shout out Hallelujah! That’s all you can do. And then you board the plane and go forward.


[1] This is going to be a dastardly hard observation to relate, but I will do my best. I have borrowed the word oversoul (or, overself) from Lobsang Rampa, who has written many esoteric books. I’m not certain I believe anything of what he says, but he used that word- oversoul- to describe the exact same pattern which I had been witnessing but had not yet placed a term on it. Therefore, from my standpoint, the body which we possess is like one arm of a many armed, invisible octopus. Each arm is an emanation from the octopus, just as each individual soul is an emanation from the one oversoul. There are many oversouls now on earth, but there are many more emanations, for each oversoul has perhaps hundreds of emanations. I believe that the various emanations are used to occupy different geographical areas of the earthly drama, and so emanations from the same oversoul, or overself, rarely meet each other, and even if they do these emanations rarely recognize each other. However, I have been witnessing this event for many years now, and in my previous book, IN AND OF, I described this very same event using the terms ‘spiritual archetypes’ for the oversoul and ‘types’ for the individual emanations. The ‘archetype’ is the invisible oversoul, the ‘type’ is the manifest emanation, the individual. To meet another emanation from the same oversoul as yourself, is to meet yourself in another body, from another place, living a different life, with unique challenges and altogether dissimilar happenings around them. However, they are the same being as you. Often the two emanations do not look all that similar to the gross vision, but if your gaze is softened and you can see through the spiritual eye, the true essence beneath the form will no doubt betray their similarity. I have met a few emanations which belong to my oversoul- the greater soul which occupies many ‘separate’ bodies- and these are cosmic brothers of mine, because they are me though in a different body.



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

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