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India Travel: Communion with God the Mother, and God the Father: Mahayana teaching

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas



            It was on this train, as we were leaving Varanasi, that the second installment of the blessing came to me.

            As we chugged out of the city limits I fell into an inner calm and openness, and in that state I suddenly found myself in communion with God the Mother, and God the Father; I was in direct contact with them, and it seemed they had come to pay me a visit, in order to straighten a few things out for me.

            I suppose this was necessary because at that time in my life I was still bound into an old way of thinking- the kind of thinking which defines things as good or bad, right or wrong. And due to such dualistic thinking I was often barraged by ideas of how to make life on earth better, of how to help others, and of why there was so much suffering in the world.

            However, I was truly in for a divine teaching. For it was within the unexpected communion in which I was involved, while on the train, that I was unequivocally told by our divine Parents that everyone on earth was their child and that each person was receiving the guidance necessary for them at that time; the outer experiences of each individual may come as either gentle or harsh, but all outcomes were the actions of divine love. Therefore everything that happens to a person is an important lesson for their own journey towards wholeness. Everything is spiritually directed. Everything that comes and goes in anyone’s life is part of their growth towards wholeness, no matter what. And since everyone who is here on earth has chosen to be here, and is receiving what they need to receive, there is no need to pity another, nor sympathize with their suffering. The essential thing is to have compassion without attachment.

            It was later pointed out to me that this realm has a long way to go before most individuals- most aspects of the whole- are evolved enough to become absolutely integrated into universal oneness. Many fragments have to grow a great deal more before they are ready for integration into wholeness. Therefore extreme patience is necessary.

            This was an important earful for me to hear, because I am a tremendously impatient man. I am one who sees a goal and will not rest until it is accomplished. And since I can see the incredible state of unity possible for mankind, I want it to happen, now.

            However, it was categorically told to me that at this time the patience of eternity is required, because the process of that commingling to oneness is a dexterous one, so as to not lose any of the derelict aspects of our wholeness along the way. To press forward too quickly is to injure the fragments building the whole. The cosmic cycle must run its course to completion. We must for now be at peace, and realize that everything is as it should be, and that the Great Mother and Father are looking out for all. Everything in due time. Patience and discernment are the requirements for now.

            This realm is a divine drama, designed, directed, and orchestrated by the combined will of the Mother and Father.

            Our only task is to perfect ourselves, without inhibiting others, because our perfection will create the perfection of the whole. We need not worry over the suffering of the world, we need only send out our blessings knowing that to send blessings out to the entire world is to become the entire world, the Mahayana- the Greater Vehicle, and then to help steer that vessel home. Om, baby!


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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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