God and Goddess union, cosmic androgyny, wholeness, redemption of the world

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



           The unmoving yet living center from which we witness the true dynamic nature of created being is a place of receptive surrender, of complete concavity; this is the vacuum, the total absence, the void into which all that is not void is drawn, destroyed, and reborn.

            The wheel revolves around the hub.

            The hub is motionless absence.

            The center which is the hub, is nowhere until it is found within. Then it is everywhere.


            To transcend the paradigm is not to rise above it, but to fall away behind it, and then to explode throughout it.

            To fall away is to not care.

            To explode throughout it is to care.

            To be the stillness permeating the all is to care without caring, and to give without giving.

            This is the empty benediction of the Tao.




In the stillness which does not accomplish all is accomplished eternally.

To distill the eternal stillness out of the gross movement is to cross over.

To become the eternal stillness in the gross movement is to cross back.

To cross back is to express immortality into mortality.

This is to become a ‘piercing through’ of the temporal, with the laser sharpness of Buddha-mind.

This is to penetrate all happenings cleanly, seamlessly, and be free from the all while being the all.





The eternal, non-being Self is distilled out of the form, and then it returns to permeate all form.

The witness and witnessed are thus integrated. All juxtaposition has ended. We have infiltrated the entire breadth of the cosmos, intertwining our subtle strands into the glorious fabric of being.

Oceanic consciousness united with earthly soul.

Mixed within, poured without.

To be the eternal absence in the midst of the temporal presence is to be the Great Consciousness united with the Great Being.

            This is to be one with the Father and Mother, with God and Goddess, with Heaven and Earth.

When emptiness is distilled out of the form, Big Mind emerges as the space within which all being exists. That space is then re-integrated into isness.

We are the re-integrators of the great emptiness of God, with the deep soul of Goddess.

We are both.

As we dissolve, they become one.

This is cosmic androgyny.

To always be able to find and feel the cold, clean emptiness within the hot, throbbing form, is to be united with God and Goddess.

This is to act in the whirling cacophony of the kaleidoscopic emanations, while yet dancing unmovingly in the eternity of the motionless One.

To identify with the  formless eternity is to become a self-substantial entirety.

To identify with the manifest form is to actualize your present emanation.

Two identities, one Self.

This is wholeness.




Wholeness operates differently than duality.

Wholeness is impartial, duality is in parts.

Wholeness is two that are one.

Duality is one that is two.

Oneness knows no other, no distance, no division.

Duality knows no mystery.

Tao is the subtle mysterious oneness beyond division.

It is in and through everything, but it is no-thing.

To enter this space we must become space.

To become space is to become all space.

To become all space is to embrace all form.

To embrace all form is to know no division.

This is universal love.

This is the redemption of the world.




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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas



























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