Divine matter: union of spirit and flesh, Avalon: awakening to the Goddess

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



I now proclaim unabashedly that this divinity of the flesh, and of all matter, is absolute. This is a reality which I had understood in the past, but the draw of liberation through the incredible release of transcendental consciousness had overtaken me, and I had left this realm like that man who watches a movie in the theater and is glad to not be a part in the action. But in fact I had not left the action of this realm, only my consciousness had left, while my body remained behind to deal with the departure.

            As I have said, I had already known and experienced the absoluteness of the flesh and all matter many times, but at the zenith of liberation consciousness such things are all too easily forgotten or obscured. This is why so many things in this world become lopsided, and run counter to the needs of the flesh, the earth, and the soul, all of which are the same one thing.

            The thrill of the freedom of transcendental consciousness, of being liberated from a realm in which I had flailed and struggled for so long, was such a relief and an inviting sanctuary that I was drawn like Icarus to the sun, forgetting that I was made of substance, and that the great distance I had achieved was worth nothing without a similarly profound closeness.


I had not yet merged the transcendent with the immanent; I had not yet blended the two into one. When I had rejected the Mother’s gravity back in the Kali Temple, I had created a chasm which I now had to bridge once again, for I had thought it important to escape the Mother, and it is. But I did not know that in the love bridge between spirit and flesh, you cannot escape from Her, you can only escape with Her.

Only the mind divorced from the body could imagine such a necessary union as inessential. Only the mind divorced from the body can create wild fantasies about how things could or should be. But only the body can say how things are. For the mind divorced from the body says “I am right and they are wrong”; but the body says “there is no ‘they’”, for all flesh is one flesh. The mind divorced from the body says “you should do this, and you shouldn’t do that”; but the body says “there are no shoulds”, there is only the organic rhythm of natural being. The mind divorced from the body says “this is good, and that is bad”; but the body says “there is no such duality”, there only is, and that isness is one. The mind divorced from the body says “do this, do that, run here, run there, learn, and strive, and despair, and consume, and discard, and work, and wake, and see the clock, and watch the clock, and die by the clock”, and the body says “Fuck you!”

There is a great difference between belief and actuality. Actuality is. Belief is a matrix laid over the actuality, modifying it experientially to coincide with the belief system of the individual without affecting the substratum of actuality. The important thing is to rid consciousness of all preconceptions and ‘ideas’, and cause it to descend into the actuality of isness, so as to experience the true nature of matter. Therefore consciousness must grow with being, in union, rather than as a spotlight projected onto the scene from above. Otherwise, from such a removed height, consciousness takes on no substantial, actual part, but only propagates an eternal non-reality- a ‘play’ which denies the reality of its actors.

To bring consciousness down into the reality of this realm, is to draw the spirit into the flesh.

And it is not until the complete union of transcendental consciousness with the immanent, feeling soul occurs, that the eternal, whole self is truly ‘liberated’ from the confines of this realm. This new unity includes not only the subtle, transcendental consciousness permeating all that is, but also the gross, immanent being that is all that is.

The mind may know what is illusion, but the body knows what is real. The mind may know how to think, but the body knows how to feel.

To feel is to enter the domain of the absolute. To feel is to enter the flesh, to expand the heart, and so to enter into union with all other life.

            To feel is to become one with the Goddess, which is to become the All.

            After one awakens to the detached, transcendental consciousness, one must then also awaken to the intimate, immanent soul of matter (anima mundi). For then, through the dissolution of separative identity, one becomes the macrocosmic yin and yang, the entirety of the Self and Soul, male and female, consciousness and matter, spirit and flesh.

            And to combine such polarities is to become the embodiment of the Great Cosmic Father, and Great Cosmic Mother, which is to become Avalon. Om, baby!



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas



























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