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Consciousness and matter, wholeness, alchemy, Goa, and the immortal sacred androgyne

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas



Consciousness may exist eternally, but being also exists eternally, though its form ever changes. To love being is to cause the flesh to dissolve into the boundaryless oneness of mystic matter. In this way substance is what connects the spirit to the soul. Substance is the bridal chamber within which these two eternities are wedded and consummate the Eucharistic marriage of the spirit and soul which is flesh.

When consciousness enters matter- when spirit enters flesh- that consciousness will only feel confined if it misperceives the flesh as a specific ‘part’ of the all, rather than recognizing that all matter is one great, cosmic whole. When matter is experienced as vast as is consciousness, there is no sense of limitation, only an immense, glorious union of the King and Queen, within the now limitless individual; matter is not limiting unless you think that you are only a specific part of matter.

By entering into matter we expand it; when consciousness descends into form, form itself becomes unlimited, and grows to meet consciousness in the dual dance of ecstatic oneness.

Thus the form must be hallowed as form, and the space must be hallowed as space, because both consciousness and form are immortal. These are separated until they are united within us.

            To be the immortal, transcendent, all-pervading male spirit, and the immortal, immanent, all-pervading female soul, is to be the subtle, invisible androgynous 'I' which lives above, behind, and within all existence and experience.


            Emerging from our room in Goa the next morning, after awakening to my abandonment of the flesh, I noticed that someone had hung a large beach towel on a clothes-line just outside of our door, and on it there was the design of the union of the sun and moon- the marriage of Sol and Luna. This is a symbol used in alchemy for wholeness- for macrocosmic androgyny, where the union of the Father and Mother occurs within the individual.

            Later that day I did something I had never done before- I mixed a cocktail of red wine and white port- symbolizing the convergence of the Father and Mother- and drank down the slurry in honor of their blessed union within me.

            Merging the female into the male, one becomes another archetype altogether- the sacred androgyne- which is pure male consciousness and pure female energy, united in an inward marriage dance that is itself a microcosmic mirror of the cosmic union danced throughout this unwitting world.

When this union occurs within us we are no longer foreigners within matter; we are no longer non-being confused by the event of being. Where once we declared ourselves to be ‘in, but not of’, now we experience the marriage within ourselves of male and female, spirit and soul, consciousness and isness. Now we are ‘in, and of’.

As the light from the sun coming through a magnifying glass, though transfigured, is still the light from the sun, though now with focused intention, I became absolutely physical, absolutely of this paradigm; infinity focused as this specific existence.

By accepting myself as matter, I found my soul within matter, and then matter opened up into a great space wherein there lies a boundaryless intimacy with all things.

By focusing on the Mother and Father in union within me, I became a temple of the divine whole.

When a person takes on the flesh and becomes one with all matter, he or she integrates the outer spirit with the inner soul, and adds the frequency of matter to the frequency of mind, which together create a whole new, subtle harmony. Now that person is not only outside of existence looking in- as the male spirit naturally is- he or she is also ‘in and of’ matter, which the female soul naturally is. The individual has become a new person, now a living bridge between two separate eternities- spirit and flesh.

            This all-pervasive consciousness/being is the union of the eternal Female with the eternal Male, and this union is the subtle Self which is both transcendent and immanent, in that it pervades all, yet is not bound at all.

To become the one all-pervading consciousness is one thing, to become the one all-pervading matter is another. To be both, and to make those two macrocosmic eternities into a singular event, is another commingling altogether. These are the stages of cosmic unity, wherein matter and consciousness, spirit and flesh, and form and formlessness become the same great subtle sea in, and through, and of which the now liberated 'self' awakens in, and of, and as, the one event of which it is, but is not bound by that which it is. Om, baby!


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visionary art, acrylic painting, Lilith, Sophia Goddess, author Jack Haas India



OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer

















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