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Logos: etymology, philology, semantics, phonetics: word meanings: subtle connections

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In the beginning was the word, the world, the semantic seminal semen, the unified verse, forming the university of the uni-verse, where there was no contra-diction, no scribbling scribes, no adversity from the adversary advertingly advertized. Only Lu-cipher de-ciphers Manu’s manuscript of the Rama drama, by demon-strating stratification until we contend with the content which we formulate from the information of form; this was the vice of verse, or vice versa. For manifestation is the infestation of the festival of man; the reverberating verbiage of the illustrious illustrated illusions containing the sound bound wound. To compart-mentalize creates a cata-logos of logic, a cyclops called encyclopedia, a dementia of dimension, and a facetious facet, which desecrates the secret by ana-lysis of suppositorial suppositions in the diary of diarrhea; this is the sedition edition of the reason treason providing the Fall fallacy. Numbers numb the numinous. We do not liberate when we deliberate. Even awareness is a ware. We bathe in this bathos of mean meanings. The man-ager ages man. We regulate, speculate, and ululate. In interest we are interred in matter, in disinterest we are disinterred, since nothing matters. That is the oral moral of the mortal employment ploy. Remember the rage of courage.







The earth is the hearth of the heart which hears with the ear without fear. Mater is matter, Pater is pattern. The parents are not apparent, nor trans-parent. The ghost is the host. Mater is the mate, the intimate maternal material, the prima materia, the primaddona, the matriarch matrix of the smothering mother, where every event is Eve tempting Madame Adam into the atom. Matter matters; the lapis lies in the lap- the rubedo’s libido, flood of blood, is the menses consensus of the sacred red plant planet plan. The particle is the participant. The meat is where we meet. The spiral spirit is not the spiritual ritual, nor the gothic Golgotha; the terra firma terrifies the extra-terrestrial, begetting the hastening chastening. Heave ho to heavy heaven. The celestial celebrity suffers no dis-aster, for such is a master of another aster-oid. The tether is in the ether, the crucible in the crucifixion- an appointment with disappointing ointment. Hair is the air, feet are the street, eye is the sky. De-Sire is the Father of Fate, the Mother’s other para-disiac aphro-disiac. Mammon is mamma the mammal, the beast from the east, the insidious inside of the animal animosity in the anima. Physis is the physician, the philosophia of Sophia. Here we are in Her, the omen of women. The flower flows, the rose arose. Ah, men! Amen.







The sole son is of Sol. Hence solitude is solace amongst the sol-id, where there is a solution between Sol and Luna, despite desolation, and isolation, in the soliloquy of the solifidian soul. Ecstasy is not stasis. The incarnated are incarcerated, and the son is the song in pri-son. Hence the witch hunts in Salem, and Jeru-salem. Thus the coven of the covenant. Such was the naive nativity. Remember to reside in the residual. Perplexed in the plexus, you inhabit the habitual, the Empirical Empire, the carnivorous carnal carnival, described in the Manifesto of the Manifest, by which you avoid the void, and are a casual casualty of the causal; a hapless happy happening in which the tenant is an ant in the ill hill. The external is not eternal. It is this light which de-lights the knight in flight in the night. The Perpetrator perpetuates the accomplishing accomplice. For if God is good, and the devil is evil, and yet all is One, how can uni-one occur unless the con-fusion takes on the pro-fusion and brings about the fusion of op-posit-e posit-ions, I posit?







The ‘I’ is the ‘Eye’. To sin is to be sin-gle, and not a part of the impartial, nor of the Imagination of the Imaginer, whose Image is the ‘I’ of the Mage. This is the severity of being several, the vision of the division of individuality’s duality. The vice of service and advice. It is this density of destiny which produces identity. Thus sinful sincerity is the affectation of affection, which only polite politicians, vicarious vicars, gentile gentlemen, charitable charlatans, courteous courtesans, tormenting mentors, praiseless appraisers, adulterating adults, fiendish friends, and sophisticated sophists are arrogant enough to arrogate. The Id of the entity is the identity. Anger is danger; a Hellenic hell, and not the parade of paradise, which must be purged in purgatory under the influence of influenza. Injury is the jury where chronic chronos endures duration. Again is no gain. Tax is very taxing. The dollard loves the dolor of the dollar, for what is ex-pensive is not pensive. The miser is miserable; suffering the agony of no gonads, in the monetary monestary and the convenient convent. Tuition is the cost, intuition is the wealth.






            If we pursue purifying the purpose of our pernicious persons we allow the hallowed sacrament of excrement, thus sanitizing sanity. Increase the ease of the incredible edible. The supplicant is supple, and is supplied with supper. Succumb to succor and succeed. Amor is the amortal key to mortality. The fee is feeling. Faith is fate, destination is destiny, advent is the adventure. To be a-mazed, is to not be in the maze. To be a-mused is to have no muse. Do not ignore ignorance. Magnify the magnitude of magnificence. Now is wow. Applause for the implausible. The solute dis-solves in the Absolute absolution. To not attain, retain, maintain, detain, sustain, contain, abstain, or ascertain, is to have no taint. Always is all ways, whether it be with Allah, Kabbalah, Valhalla, or Shambhala. Allah-leuia. The parade of paradisiacal paradigms. You realize with real eyes, the now of knowing, and the heresy of here. Scared android turned sacred androgyne, orient yourself in the Orient, occur in the occult of the Occident. Grace is the race of humble humans. Attention attends, and has no tendencies. We forge on by forgetting. The way is not away, it is only a di-stance from the circum-stance of the circumference. Indeed, in deed. The center is where we enter when we concentrate on the motion of emotion, which is the dream stream, the momentous momentum of the moment of a good god go-ing.



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(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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