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Transformation, relationships, psychic struggle, mercurius, stealing octopus, black bass, lingcod, epicurean victims

excerpted from IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas



                 It is only demanding relationships- like the one I had with Hans, in Rose Bay- which have the force necessary to flip one inside-out, and bring about the great transformations needed to move a person through incarnations without having to die. For the shifts of the soul do not come easy, and they will not come when sitting around comfortable coffee tables and talking peacefully of soft and shiny things. You have to find your match in the arena of the spirit. You have to come up against your equal, and dig inside yourself for every last ounce of reserve within, if the two combatants in the verbal and psychic milieu are to both emerge stronger from the duel. You have to lock horns in a bitter and beautiful struggle to test the mettle of everything you’ve got in you, if you are going to attempt to build your home upon this world of sand. Because you can bet the sea will come and wash away the foundation out from under you, and it’s only then that you’ll know if what you perceive is real and true, or if all your realities are merely sand castles in the air.

                And so I say that Hans was my mercurius. And I say that for both mythical and actual reasons- because this world is both mythical and actual. For the drama into which I fell exists on many planes at once, and so the story which I tell exists both in the actuality of our temporal lives, and also in the eternal myth of our spirits as well.

                Only internal revelation and sublime communication from the other world will convince an individual of this reality. No one can point to it nor prove it to another. When you walk through the membrane of permanence, into the shifting twilight of the Self, only you, and you alone, are there to bear witness to it happening, for we are each given only that which we are capable of receiving, and so we must therefore learn to be capable.

                During my time in Rose Bay, on any given profane day, at about four o’clock in the afternoon the worldly chores which Hans and I had abandoned while transcendentally critiquing the incomprehensible universe would catch up to us, and we’d have a frantic couple of hours tending to the animals, weeding the garden, stealing octopus from eagles or ravens who had cornered the unlucky delicacy in a tidal pool, or we would head out fishing to a nearby shoal where an abundance of black bass, lingcod, snapper, and an assortment of rockfish were available and soon epicurean victims.


excerpted from:


author Jack Haas, west coast British Columbia wilderness, ocean forest island



IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas



















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