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Odysseus, Lao Tzu, Moses, and transformation through travel and adventure

excerpted from IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas


It was sometime in my mid twenties, after I had begun to awaken to the folly and immaturity of mankindís ways; after I had finally broken free from the futility and indoctrination of the whole education fiasco; after the collapse of a corrupt business I had owned and operated with one of the devilís own minions; after I had traveled aimlessly in the world for a while, had become disillusioned and confused from the apparent meaninglessness of it all, and had moved away from Ontario, where I was raised, heading west, penniless, possessionless, notionless, and finally free to begin again on my own, to forget all that I had learned, experienced, and lost, and to start again from square one.

I needed a new beginning, a complete change, a resurrection.

Indeed there is little in life of more value to the transformation of the self than to one day uproot your whole existence, cut away the gnarled mass that has grown in and around you, scythe the wheat that has grown from your soil, and take up the rhizome of your soul, away from its homeland, away from all it has known of sunlight and season, away from the forces which watered and fed it and pruned it along, and go to another place, find another patch of earth, and then lay down your tuber in the mud and watch it blossom and grow.

                To change dramatic sets is to change roles. New buds grow on old branches, but it is a different fruit which comes forth. The old skin of identity molts away, and the nouvelle vintage is poured within.

                I understand now why so many ancient epics are filled with tales of exile, exploration, destiny, and destination, because the inevitable tests and trials which beset a personís existence are quickened when the flow of life bursts through the encumbering form, and the individual breaks away from their old and worn out norm.

Had Odysseus never left Ithaca, Homer would have been forced to write cookbooks. Had Moses not walked out of Egypt and wandered forty years in the desert, the reign of Babylon would never have been broken. Had Lao Tzu not turned away from his homeland in disgust and scorn, the gatekeeper would never have heard his wisdom, and the Tao would never have been born.

It is the breaking away from the confines of context which first liberate the spirit into the subtle life, where all that shifts and moves is hidden from all that stands still.

When I took up my tunic and sack, and walked into the sunset without any idea of what lay ahead, I had, without realizing it, joined in with the great dance of creation, and I was now creating what lay ahead of me.


excerpted from:

author Jack Haas, west coast British Columbia wilderness, ocean forest island



IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas



















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