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Full moon rainbow, mountain shack, psychic warfare, evil eye, insomnia, British Columbia

excerpted from IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas



It was not long after that horrible and healing night at my shack on the mountain that I again left Vancouver, heading north to the Charlottes, to Her. But this time when I left I spat on the ground and said I was never returning. I had had enough. Goodbye to the pavement, the clock, the noise, the insomnia, the haste, anger, distraction, signs, rules, streetlights, and all the rest of it which stank of mankindís putrid indigestion. Goodbye to the lunacy, the psychic warfare, the evil eye, the spiritual smog, and desecration of all things alive and beautiful. Goodbye, Iím going to live with the Mother.

                I walked back into Her. And oh what a sweet beauty She is on the coast of British Columbia. Like nowhere else Iíve ever been on the planet. Where the remaining giant stands of cedar and spruce have grown into a magnificent, other-worldly, thriving organism of tangled and intertwined biotica and biomass unequalled anywhere; all one great life, seething all about and in and through itself. Where the gothic giants are carpeted down below by a generous layer of the most verdant green moss the eye can take in. Where the ocean offers up its delicious gifts and abundance, pelagic monstrosities play about in the depths, a limitless swarm of sea-birds float and swim about, and there is always enough driftwood to cook your bounty and hang your tarp over; where the rainbow is more common than the moon, and where, one night, I was to witness the odd benediction of Lunaís Sol-like majesty, as I stepped out into the evening to release my bladder, and turned my head upward, and there, hanging by the light of a full moon, was a perfect rainbow, cut in crystalline clarity and singing out the Motherís covenant with me.

                I had witnessed many rainbows in this land of plenty, many of which had come down from the firmament at auspicious moments, communicating to me that the cosmic eye was watching me and occasionally pleased. But never had I seen one at night, and never had I imagined that it would come, if it ever did, under the glow of a full moon. And yet the universe, as I have come to recognize it, is wholly intelligent, and the wonders and weather and natural occurrences I would come to witness would, with categorical regularity, make it obvious to me that the cosmos is more alive, more conscious, and more aware of us than we are even of ourselves.


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author Jack Haas, west coast British Columbia wilderness, ocean forest island



IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas



















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