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Thoughts on religion, God, Christ, the Devil, and disease


Be still and know that I am God.

Be still, and know that God is 'I'.


The truth will set you free indeed. For if you knew the terrible effect of your hate on yourself and others, you would never hate again, I guarantee it.


The more you give of yourself to the spirit, the more it will ask of you. It will accept as much as you can give. It will take you completely away if you're willing. But you will not allow, you will only yearn. You will weep in the end to be taken away, to give yourself to the living One, to die into the greater.


Judge not the living spirit. Give it your complete attention, but expect and judge of it not, or you will become a knot, in the infinite carpet of notlessness.


Evil thoughts drive out the living good, that is why they are evil.


Conditioning and fear are the end of the living spirit.


The horror now is that even faith is not enough to sustain us in this life- we must also have love. At first we did not live on bread alone, now we cannot even live on faith, nor understanding for that matter, but only on love. And yet this must mean that we are finally truly alive, for now god suffers through us in the absence of love, and finally something will be done about it.


'Ask, and ye shall receive', is not what God says to us, but what we must say to God.


He who has not hate, has no more need of forgiveness.


It is possible that the devil, and not god, created the world and that since Christ is called his 'only begotten son', that therefore Adam was not a product of god.


The falsity and dis-ease of the world can all be boiled down to this- that it is seemingly better to have whatever form of relationship with the external world than with the internal God, or Spirit, as you will. To look out is to look down, to look in is to look up. Our balance is way off in one direction only, that is why we are unwhole, unholy, and ill.




author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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