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The meaning of the word meaning


Meaning is horrible because it is mean-ing; because when one has lived without meaning their whole life, to suddenly be faced with it is to face what you had never imagined possible. You want to run away, but where to go? It is everything you ever wanted (you thought), and that terrifies you even more. Meaning will devour you, digest you, and excrete not‑you. From the horrors of illusion, towards those of reality have you fled. You went too far; you imagined you could know, and also be. You escaped into a terrifying freedom. You opened the valve to sip some water, and the dam broke. There is nowhere left to turn. It is all over. And it is beginning.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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Online stores by location:     UNITED STATES    |    UK / EU    |    CANADA