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Famous quotes on willpower, consciousness, manifesting your desires, and personal will


“Things objectify ideals; to gain consciousness of the ideas back of things is to subject the forces of the material plane to the forces of the spiritual.”

Ida Mingle


“Consciousness works by means of the symbol to gain the capacity to conceive and to bring forth the reality.”

Ida Mingle


“You are a Word, a symbol of an Idea, if you can see it. So is a diamond, a violet, a horse. ..When you can discern the idea back of the symbol, then you know the soul or the reality of the manifestation appearing as a man, a diamond, a horse, a violet.”

Joseph Benner


"This is the wizard's secret: the spirit is never overshadowed by the form or the phenomenon.”

Deepak Chopra


“The wish is father to the deed.”

Deepak Chopra


“The self radiates its creative forces through the sieve of the character into the incarnation, and through picture-making forces in the depths of the soul, these energies create dream pictures. These latter project themselves outwardly into the material world where they manifest themselves as your ‘person’ and your ‘destiny’.” Elisabeth Haich (Initiation, p271)


Your power to manifest your desires is blocked by your limited mental and emotional beliefs. You want to see it to believe it. It is in fact, the other way around: You must believe it in order to see it. You have the carriage before the horse. And all things whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

                                    The Wholly Bible (voice of Jesus, p23) (Hearthouse Publishers, WA. 1995)


“All life is governed by four laws: They are:

1)      Desire creates thought;

2)      Thought is energy;

3)      Desire as thought intensifies and magnifies the presence of energy, and

4)      When there is enough energy, that which is desired will manifest in form.”

                                    The Wholly Bible, p96


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