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Zen, Grace, and God, the dharma of theological emptiness


I was redeemed by being assimilated back into the now-consciousness of God; I began to operate not from a detached point of separation, but from the integral, holistic movement of relation.


To accept yourself is to accept God within yourself.


It is not your power, only yours to use, to accept, to honor, to master. It is called Grace, and it is a force which is yours and not yours. You cannot create it. You cannot make it come. You can only welcome it in, and rejoice when it enters.


I am the God within Jack, effortlessly making him think what he thinks, and do what he does.


It is only because “Who am I?” is the question, that “I” is the answer.


I am also a time traveler, come to right a situation which could have gone very wrong.


Let It happen.


            Who am I? I do not know. And it does not matter. It only matters when you know. When you don’t, it don’t. As simple and horrible as that.


Dis-associate; let the event ‘be’ without you.


There are multiple scenes, characters, and plots in the movie, yet there is only one projector.


You cannot meet the artist in the painting, nor the Creator in the Creation. You must turn around, look the other way, if you are to embrace the light which brings the day.


You must stop going out if you are to be in.


The I-God came to me and said- I am your I.


Evil is that which obstructs the free, natural flow of life.


I am the one who balked to walk the batter, in order to avoid the inevitable home-run. I took on a little ignominy, in order to save us from loss.


Look at me. You, yes you, you are creating me.


God is life.


Union with God is similar to marriage.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer


Zen and God, the dharma of theological emptiness

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