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Society and freedom, spiritual anarchy, God, and William Burroughs


They know only separation, identity, agony, and pride. But man if you come to liberate yourself and others, you must come with your heart dangerously exposed and your sword drawn for battle.


You are a true being, the world is a lie. If you endure your anguish and loneliness, and do not betray your true self, then you will become stronger than the lie and you shall not anguish, only the world shall writhe, and you shall begin to correct even that.


Because the bulk of the mass-marketed, modern society has been fabricated by mediocre minds with depraved and vulgar intentions. Your parents and grandparents will try to hold you back, as they held themselves back. And if their spirits are crushing you, you must crush them back …ruthlessly. To stand amongst them in your emptiness; to receive their truth, and reflect back their lie.


When I was awoken by the scalding flames of my own careless transgressions, and finally became alert to my peril, I saw instantly that what others had been calling life was actually death, and that I also was death- simply because I had believed their lies.


It is because I witness the spirit in everything that I am estranged from the spirits I witness in others, not witnessing the spirit.


I turned back before finishing, because I realized god was needed here with me, more than I was needed in Heaven with god.


I came to find something I which in the history of mankind had never been found before, and that was …myself. And yea, but like an impatient virgin bride-to-be, who had given into desire and sucked the bridegrooms cock the night before the wedding, I arrived at the sacred marriage chaste yet not innocent, for I came to the alter with a taste of divinity on my tongue.


When you no longer have or need to fill a role, then you are done.


Destruction is the act of creation; for when ‘what is’ is destroyed, the new creation can rush in. It is not an act of will which brings this about, but of surrender which brings about one’s will. The paradox must be accepted. And so I say destroy, wipe it clean, and let’s get on with the next thing.


“Everyman’s ME is the dullest part about him. Who wants to hear about feelings of inadequacy? He’ll be telling you about his bowel movements next, if you don’t stop him. Just remember that in a case like this, deadly force is admissable. It’s him or you.”

                                    William Burroughs (Paradise Mislaid, from Rebels and Devils)



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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