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Mystic revelations of self that I AM and God


I gave the manifest back to God.


You are at peace, because you are not a piece.


I returned to wonder, because what I found in the unwonderful paradigm of man was not worth it.


As long as anything exists… I AM.


Nothing is separate; everything flows through everything else.


I went down into the death called Identity, and I killed Death, and I rose back up to the identitilessness called Life.


All persons, especially those close to you, are forms of your Self’s expression.


When ‘I’ disappears, nothing is lost, not even ‘I’.


The sacrifice of empty nobodiness allows God’s presence to enter and penetrate all those around you.


I stopped playing a role, and Eye became the director.


author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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Online stores by location:     UNITED STATES    |    UK / EU    |    CANADA