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God the Father, God the Mother, Anais Nin, and the mystery revealed


I AM eternally nobody. I AM, because I am not.


God is the one who simultaneously witnesses what everyone else witnesses individually.


You surf the mystery because why return to the known? When you are addicted to the thrill of unknowing, you stay on the wave for the ride.


When you see your Father's manifold spirit in every man, and your Mother's in every female, you can bet you are invested in Oneness.


We are all Christ on his three day descent into hell.


Because hell always exists, the trick is to be always walking out of hell.


The moment I stop thinking, stop moving, stop conceiving, stop desiring, God can no longer find me and he comes out frantically searching, and I sit back in the shadows laughing.


You, whoever you are, whatever you are, wherever you are- do not let them tell you that you are made. Do not let them tell you that you made it. They do not know. You do not know. Bow down and be humble to that. Bow down with gratitude and scorn, but bow down.


There is only all of this and you without distinction in it, and nowhere nor no how to wipe it clean. Let go, you, so weak and mighty in that weakness. Let go.


In the eyes of another we look into ourselves across the chasm of the flesh. For in every eye is I.


“Perhaps it is true that those who unveil the mysteries have tragic lives.”

Conrad Moricand (Anais Nin's Diaries, '34-'39, p170)


I am God's thought.


author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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