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The Gestalt Holy Grail, love, God, and the metaphor of Geese


To 'find yourself in God', to 'return to the Source', to 'come to Oneness', is to re-cognize the greater Consciousness producing you at every moment- which YOU ARE.


It is as if the god inside us needs us- so as to have an object to love; god needs to love, so as to be god. For god is love. And if one is 'in' love, one does not seek to run around town everywhere vainly announcing it, one seeks only to continually embrace what is loved, and never to do anything else.


And like geese on their intrepid migrations- who fly in strong formation, breaking the winds up front, and taking respite in the rear- like them we must all lead and all follow, and when we follow we must hold back, gather our strength and surrender, and when we lead we must put our heads down, forget about everything but flying, and we must fly.


The Holy Grail, the Chalice, exists as a gestalt cross-section of every time two people meet in loving eye-to-eye communion. The Grail is not a 'thing', a cup, to be found. It is love.


To be able to witness innocence in others, you must first witness it in yourself. Innocence is the absence of guilt. Can you grant yourself this acceptance? You are not responsible. Can't you simply let God- even if God be you- be greater than you could ever imagine?


You must give back the world in every act, returning the world to the Maker.


I gave into God for one simple reason- because I began to define God as that which knows far more than I know. Despite my absolute ignorance, I could not deny the possibility of a knower. I simply granted God the characteristic of not being less ignorant than myself. That is when I saw Godness everywhere.


I know there is a plan, I just don't know what the plan is.


I shall willingly bow to the one who shifts the sun at will.




author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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