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Freedom and society, seeking God in the madness of the world's reality


People began to love and despise me for the very same reason- because I could see right through them. And when you can see right through someone, they have to die back to nobody. And for those who have love, it is a pleasant relief, and for those who hate, it is a scalding spotlight which exposes their lie.


It is one thing to disprove another's reality, it is another thing altogether to disprove another with their own reality. This is the descent into another's hell, the caustic redemption, the living atonement, and the re-ascent required of your selfless Christ self.


            And so,  if you would come here to help your brothers and sisters grow in spirit, you must do it with absolute humility. You must come to serve, and be so low beneath them that you are willing to lie down in the River of Life, that they may step upon your back and advance another pace towards God. For if you stand above them they will go no further, and if they go no further you will both drown


I sought longingly for the combined elements of unreason, and for an hour of exaltation divorced from praise. I came to blame the madness on no one. I took it on this way, I surrendered, vanquished, screamed, and then went dancing.


            For when you see what is really happening, and no one else around you sees it, then you are alone and doomed and life becomes a horror of meaning confined in meaninglessness. There is nothing you can do. It's like being paralyzed. That is the living hell of it. There is nothing you can do.


            To release mankind the first step is to convince them that they are in fact trapped. And to convince them that they are trapped means to expose those who confine them. And to do that is to stand against the darkness which seeks to keep them subdued. And that is a deadly game if you're not careful.




author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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