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Father and Son, the spiritual eternal body, love, God, and salmon farms


The Son is older than the Father. For you are that from which you came, and also you are what you are; you are as old as that from which you came, plus as old as you are. Therefore the Parent is younger than the Child.


It is not only that redemption is possible at every moment, but that redemption is occurring at every moment. We need only be small, still, and humble enough to be lifted.


There are no centres (ego), only nexus points reflecting the undivided whole.


“Love is known when all that makes for the lie of twoness or dualistic consciousness is unknown.”          

Ida Mingle, p582


True spirituality applies only to those who, like farmed salmon, are willing to learn again to be wild, to swim out into the vast and unknown sea, to grow, and to need, and to eventually fight their way back up the brutal stream, so as to die at the source after planting their seed.


To say that thoughts are 'your own' is like saying that a television has channels all its own. This is idiotic. A television 'receives' channels and transmits these into recognizable pictures. It is merely an instrument. So are you. So there.


What appears to be inside is actually outside, and vice versa.


Changeless, eternal, non-being, 'I', is hidden in changing, temporal, being, 'AM'. 'I AM' is both, and neither. Disentangle the 'I' from the 'AM'. Only then can the two be one 'I AM'.


Ah, so this is God!


Come to the Lord in your purity and emptiness.


One of the final stages of the alchemical process is to produce the pure distillate, the essence, the immortal 'I'.


Recognize the body within the body. This is the eternal body.


If you seek yourself through effort, then the only 'I' you find is the one created from the effort of seeking.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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