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Faith and God, the Bardo of life, and the mirror of mortality


One hacks out a cramped tunnel towards or away from god knows what, for no imaginable reason.


Life exists as in a mirror but is not a reflection, and that is because you are the reflection.


'I, or self, is the archetype of mortality; it belongs to no one but to all who are born and who die. Thus it is that immortality lies outside of birth and death, outside of I, for I is birth and death.


And when life tempted me to bitch and complain, I danced and exalted that much harder.


To not have to go on, and yet to choose or to want to still go on, this is what I would call force.


Attention is the rhythm of God.


To have faith, even in the moment of sin, that is to really have faith, all other forms are subservience.


To keep forgetting myself into God.


Life is a bardo.


What men say, and do, and believe has no validity for me anymore. Because when you are with God, and God with you, your reality and intent comes from another place, another plane, a dimension intertwined and yet distinct from the thoughts and lives of men.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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