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Existentialism and Christianity, fear, and the task of the artist


Existentialism is at base the same as the 'Christian' spirit; they are both, so to speak, 'in but not of', and thus the correlative feeling of estrangement of which both camps speak.


I am a spiritual empiricist- what has not been immanently experienced cannot be speculatively understood, which is to say- it cannot be understood.


It is alright to have desires, it is not alright to forget God. Any desire which stands in the way cannot be avoided, only sacrificed back to God.


Every time you want something, offer it back to the Lord as sacrifice.


You can't get away from fear, you can only accept that it is.


You must ruthlessly be yourself. To submit to the attacks of the petty minded is to insult the very core of being which alone will give you directive. To ruthlessly be yourself is, in the end, to emanate Love. Because Love will never come to you from the outside, it must come out of you, and the only way that is possible is if you are absolutely you.


To recognize the self as Self, this is the task. For once you recognize it, you are IT.


It is the duty of art to assimilate the unconscious understandings into the consciousness, via whatever method it chooses to do so.

(The artist must bring it out and display it before all others, and in that sense, and that sense alone, is the artist validated.)



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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