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Christian religion, antinomianism, and the God within


A christianity which is not antinomian, is not authentically Christian, for it lives not on faith alone.

A man must be parched of everything, including the intent towards goodness, if Christ is to find his way in.


To allow yourself nothing which belongs in the realm of vanity, of mineness, this is the asceticism of the self.


Is faith a readiness to die into Christ? A readiness to die? There is no living faith, it dies along with the birth of death's meaning.


Indecision, aporia, and apathy are my being's ruthless methods of not allowing me to authenticate false paradigms by disasterously functioning effectively within them.


One must be objective of the subjective event. One must be both objective and subjective. Observe the observer.


You do not leave the world to find god, you leave the world because god had found you.


Man's instinct is turned internally, though he has limited connection with it now, because he is so externally domesticated.


As a dog whose master has gone on vacation, do you witness another god inside your consciousness who feeds you, and cares for you. God has been transformed in you, and all the while you remained just you.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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