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Be yourself in the living moment of God, uniting heaven and earth


In the living moment of God naught is inanimate. In the living moment of God, I, personally, am nothing, and Eye, impersonally, am all.


You grow from the lower to the higher, from the profane to the sublime. You walk across the border, so to speak, and suddenly you are manifesting being, rather than being manifested.


When 'I' disappears, nothing is lost, not even 'I'. You negate the self which cannot be negated; you lose the inside and become the outside; the one becomes none and then many.

The sacrifice of empty nobodiness allows the Spirit into all those around you. You become the non-existent common ground between Heaven and Earth; you become the Ghost through which the Host prepares the Banquet.


One who attempts to 'be', whether it be internal or external, shall never be free of themself, and shall never be a clear window for heaven and earth to view themselves.


All that a man is is what separates him from Being. You are the absence of god. You are separation. God is nobody. Become nobody.


The person who is absent within themself becomes a conduit, absorbing others back into spirit.


The natural person, who is always themself, blends into the movement of being, and disappears from themself. Self is the nature of self. Be yourself. You become a window, polished clear into nonbeing, between heaven and earth, between love and suffering.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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