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 Advaita, oneness, destruction from God, spiritual violence, and the true self


You must go through the inside self to get to the outside Self. That is when the first outside becomes inside, and the inner outside becomes 'I'.


You can't disappear while holding onto anything (especially purpose and meaning).


'That' is our mirror.


Sorrow is a function of the microcosm perceiving separation. Joy is a function of the macrocosm perceiving unity.


Destruction is the act of creation, for when 'what is' is destroyed, the new creation rushes in. It is not an act of will but surrender which brings about one's will. The paradox must be accepted. Destroy then, I say. Wipe it clean, and let us get on with new birthings. I make new by destroying. I am Newness, God of Destruction.


Be the living moment of God.

I am the living moment.


You burst through the veil by an act of spiritual violence. But what is that violence? It is ...I AM!


When one realizes that none of man's actions are 'natural', one ceases trying to act 'naturally', and one tunes into the being which he or she is, and then does what he or she came to do. Naturally.


I am beingness.


You are not part of the One. You are the One. Playing, witnessing, and forgetting a part of itself.


To be in beingness, a God in Godworld, a wonder in wonderland, this is what we are.



author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



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