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notebooks, unpublished writings



Unpublished writings by Jack Haas:

selections from the notebooks 1990-2005.

Including early writings, collected quotes, and current installments.

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer



Current Installments

(the most recent notebooks)

This list is in continual growth.

Each web page represents approximately one page from a notebook.


Thoughts on Jesus Christ, God, and the crucifixion

Life and death, reincarnation, and immortality

Celibacy, sex, mysticism, and spiritual liberation

The living spirit, school, church, and the same old song

Bible verse, The sermon on the mount, a reinterpretation

Thoughts on religion, God, Christ, the Devil, and disease

Existentialism and Christianity, fear, and the task of the artist

Fear, the nature of fear, death, and the mystery of life

The meaning of the word meaning

Christian religion, antinomianism, and the God within

Mystic revelations of self that I AM and God

Saints, miracles, and faith in God

Be yourself in the living moment of God, uniting heaven and earth

Spiritual writings on caring, stillness, and Zen with Basho

Society and freedom, spiritual anarchy, God, and William Burroughs

Faith and God, the Bardo of life, and the mirror of mortality

Zen, Grace, and God, the dharma of theological emptiness

Morality and the Kingdom of Heaven, William Blake, Carl Jung, and God

Alan Watts, Sri Ramakrishna, gods, demons and the Vedas

Freedom and society, seeking God in the madness of the world's reality

The Gestalt Holy Grail, love, God, and the metaphor of Geese

God the Father, God the Mother, Anais Nin, and the mystery revealed

Tibetan Buddhist religion: writings on wonderment

Famous quotes on willpower, faith, commitment, creation, and personal will

Famous quotes on willpower, consciousness, manifesting your desires, and personal will

The Victory King, sin, mercy, living life, G. K. Chesteron, and St. Francis of Assisi

Father and Son, the spiritual eternal body, love, God, and salmon farms

Advaita, oneness, destruction from God, spiritual violence, and the true self

The trouble, the trial, finding peace in God, hegemony, baptisms, and Meister Eckhart

The garment of being, the event of now, the void, the serpent, sex, and dream

Samadhi, Jack Kerouac, forgiveness, autonomy, God, and Ursula K. LeGuin

God, lessons, tests, love, wise ones, silk flowers, meditation, and the self

Microcosm and macrocosm, God, memory, Asclepius, Hermes Trismegistus, and the heart

Spiritual scenarios, the ego, gratitude, consciousness, your next incarnation, and geese

Dreams, surrender, awareness, the flesh, the spirit, a knight, and God

Piscean and Aquarian age, spiritual growth, children, Hyemoyohsts Storm, and word structure

Poem: and what I am

Poem: it comes when it comes

Poem: I rise through the falling

Poem: the branded runner running

Poem: the mean glide through the peril

Poem: what I was

Breaking away, a new life, obstacles, puerile and xenophobic intolerances, and friends

School the prison, university, camel shit, and saving your brain

Contra Darwinism: an alternative theory of evolution: why blonds have more fun

The drama and play of God, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii, and a real man

The dream, God and man, duality, an unbreakable placenta, idea, and freedom

God, laws of manifestation, free will, Neale Donald Walsche, Neville, and Wayne Dyer

Thought, the paradigm, Meister Eckhart, Carl Jung, and Seven Sermons to the Dead

Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God, the San Graal, individualism, and religion

Mystery of self, the hero, God, growing like an unknown plant, isolation, and faith

The Buddha, Joseph Campbell, real and unreal, sin, Luther, and the Ouroboros

Ursula K. LeGuin, Carl Jung, Nikos Kazantzakis, the soul, God, and the Declaration of Independence

The way, death, peace, time, the wall, form, and the formless self

On ascension

Autobiography, to be born onto this earth, spirit, and becoming no thing

The flame of self, God and not-God, life and death, beauty, and saying goodbye

Surrender, God, Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me, tradition, saints, and sinners

Mind, existence, being who you are, victory and loss, God, and space

Let go, becoming everything, death and God, Perceval, the queen, and crossing over

A fern and ivy, God, radio waves, being and not being, stillness, indifference, and silence

God, thought, the world, the journey, death, darkness, the light, and how to win

God, gravity, the Bhagavad Gita, double entendres, a horse race, the absolute, not caring, and olives

Consciousness, love, judgment, right and wrong, a camera, stillness, and the heart

Eternal truths, not you, attention, tears, surrender, a fallen soldier, the flame, and the future

Being yourself, the musician and the dance, genius, an escape, meaning, and beauty

The love that binds, caring, laughter, the self, a pillory, and new truths

The world, spirit and flesh, a war, truth, the stream of life, an icebreaker, semiotics, and effort

Freedom, school, the body, an alien, joy, understanding, an angel, and a fool

Consciousness and dream, heroes, life and death, creation, art, God, and perfection

The world and God, a fight, words, fear and ignorance, love and understanding

Prophets of old, returning to God, immortality, death, and the end of suffering

The apocalypse, euthanasis, God, pain and love, the soul, compassion, and truth

Death and the flesh, the Tree of Life, illusion, the fire, drinking cold beer, and the heart's salvation

Strangeness, intent, love, beauty, earthquakes, floods, Christ, and Mary

Owning yourself, the song you sing, witnessing God, love, and enlightenment

To forget, to be free, following dreams, sin the self, love, and empathy

Surreal compound neologisms (word creations with various meanings)

God is everyone, the world, ancestors, a bowel movement, and the heart

Denying yourself, the flesh, God, letting go, this dream life, the world, and the heart

Debauchery, the greater self, a gospel, telephones, spirit, and symbology

Birds, thought as parasite, Champaign, the witness, a snail, God, the body, and form

Surrender, God, the Tree of Knowledge, Emerson, Adam and Eve, and symbolic life

Being here, the soul of God, the world, ecstasy, gratitude, and the flame

Life everlasting, Mara, the Mother, non-being, ecstasy, and determination

Explanation and mystery, creation and destruction, dream, growth, change, and letting go

God is schizophrenic, self, centre, microcosm and macrocosm, and non-being

Purposelessness, God, the Creator, brave angels, a mirror, a master, a servant, and a slave





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