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What the critics have said about books by Pulitzer Prize nominee Jack Haas (the first author in history to release three five-star books in a single year):

"...very strongly recommended reading for students of metaphysics and the contemplative life."
Midwest Book Review

"Few like Jack Haas go the whole hog. ...eminently readable."
Nandakumar Nayar (

"...the voice crying out in the wilderness, bravely, madly, tenderly, densely, so wonderously well."
Jonathon Kerslake (editor, Lived Experience)

"The Kerouac of the new millennium."
Frank Wolf (extreme adventurer and author of Blind Bay)

"...a glorious illumination of our spiritual birthright."
Benjamin Tucker (author of Roadeye)

"Jack Haas delivers a wonderful message."
Judine Slaughter (Express Yourself Books)

Joann Turner (The Messenger)
IN, AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas
ISBN 0-9731007-1-0

Available in paperback and ebook.
THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas
ISBN 0-9731007-0-2

Available in paperback and ebook.
An inspiring exploration of the mystery of existence, of the self, and of God. Jack Haas assimilates many different spiritual paths and secular philosophies, and leads the reader towards the mystical experience of profound wonder. This is a book devoted to the wonder and beauty in all life. It is a book about the rapture of unknowing.

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from the book
"Life is an amazing implausibility; explain it, or explain it away, however we try, it remains thoroughly astounding; to imagine life through the eyes of someone who has never before experienced it, is to acknowledge that it is, in the most remarkable sense, absolutely unimaginable. ...Hence there is no 'meaning' that I am attempting to relate in this book, for meaning itself is the cause of our predicament, of our false walls, of our heart's division. ...I want simply to wipe the slate clean, to bury the old way, so as to resurrect the new; to smash walls down, instead of building them up further; to widen the hole through which we may again grow and become whole. ...I hope only to present the antithesis to thesis, the unsolution to life, and the re-mystification of all that seems profane, and so to move our consciousness onward. I envision no specific destination."
The highly acclaimed, modern autobiographical account of Haas' journey into the primitive wilderness of coastal British Columbia, California, and Alaska, and into the uncharted regions of the soul. This is a true alchemical tale of adventure, misadventure, wonder, mysticism, and miracles.

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from the book:
"Know that the spirit also crashes onto the shore of life, slowly, ever slowly, tearing down the solid, imprisoned rocks and islands of the soul, grinding the stones into sand, and creating a beach, a place where we can walk upon more easily, where two unique worlds come together, and through our hearts unite into one."
THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas
ISBN 0-9731007-5-3

Available in paperback and ebook.
ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth

by Jack Haas
ISBN 0-9731007-4-5

Available in paperback and ebook.
An autobiographical travelogue and inner quest describing Haas' journeys in spirit and sojourns on earth, while out and about in "...this crazy, impossible, beautiful world" as he describes it. Haas' travels take him to such places as India, Nepal, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Hawaii, and France. Largely, however, this is a true tale of the author's acceptance, love, and union with the spirit and the earth itself.

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from the book:
"It's all in the rhythm. It's all in the eternal dance dancing to the eternal rhythm in the glory field stretched out ponderously over the soporific veil. It's the rhythm of stillness and pandemonium, harmonizing in the rapture of now. It's when meaning and need shatter into the wantless glow flowing through the static poverty. It is the crush and bend and the unbroken laughter married to the neverending sigh. It is a rapture and a longing danced in the sorrow-soaked ecstasy of life's abandon."
A unique compendium of Haas' metaphorical writings, transformational drawings, and esoteric insights, metaphorically conveying the soul's journey through life, and subtly expressing the dream nature of all reality.

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from the book:

  lost bees

There are bees in every hive with inherent imperfections: they cannot navigate from the directions given by others. They fly off everywhere. They are always getting lost. They never gather much pollen. Yet, by an incongruous twist of fate, these bees can still dance directions to others. And so they occasionally return from their misguided wanderings with delirious gospel of what they have found. Good god, what they have found! It is the lost bee who finds new flowers.

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