Sufism: the writings of Sufi Hazrat Inayat Kahn
The following essential quotes from Sufi Hazrat Inayat Kahn are selected from The Way of Wonder: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas. Reading the quotes in order will provide a unique thread woven from Kahn's teachings.
“All ideas have been learned from one source or another; yet in time one comes to think they are one's own. And for those ideas a person will argue and dispute, although they do not satisfy him fully; but at the same time they are his battleground, and they will continue to keep his cup covered. Mystics therefore have adopted a different way. They have learned a different course, and that course is self-effacement, or in other words, unlearning what one has learned; and this is how one can become an empty cup... One may think that in this way one loses one's individuality; but what is individuality? Is it not what is collected? What are one's ideas and opinions? They are just collected knowledge, and this knowledge should be unlearned."
Jack Haas
“A really musical soul is someone who has forgotten himself in music; just as a real poet is someone who forgets himself in poetry, and a worldly soul is someone who has lost himself in the world. And godly is the soul who has forgotten himself in God. ...[Such individuals] altogether lost the idea of their own being, and in that way they deepened and became one with the thing they had come to give to the world. The key to perfection is to be found in forgetting the self.”
“The easiest way for the genius [to come to god-consciousness] is to make himself an empty cup, free from pride of learning or conceit of knowledge; to become as innocent as a child, who is ready to learn whatever may be taught to him. It is the soul who becomes as a child before God ...who becomes a fountain of God."
“When we think of that sense and that feeling, or that inclination, which makes us affirm the word 'I', it is difficult to point out what it is, what is its character; for it is something which is beyond human comprehension.”
“It is the study of self which is really the study of God. ...[And] every soul has in himself a Kingdom of God. To become conscious of this mystery of life is to open one's eyes to the kingdom of God.”
“Man is a mystery in all aspects of his being; not only in mind and soul, but also in that organism which he calls his body. ...And so it is with the man who seeks the mystery of life outside; he will never find it, for the mystery of life is only to be found within.”
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