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Picture of earth : inspirational picture of planet earth, and spiritual growth







Picture of earth : inspirational picture of planet earth, and spiritual growth


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picture of earth, planet earth


            Like Orpheus returned to Tartarus with the painful memory of love lost, we have all come down to retrieve our bodies, to swallow them back through the heartís warm hollow. For we have mortally descended into the bowels of humanityís confusion only so as to climb back out again on the divine stairs of disgust, concern, indifference, and ...wholeness.  

The lost and abandoned soul wanders about on earth, never really touching down, never really belonging, never completely joining in, and therefore never assimilates its earth-self, until it happens upon its homeless home, finds familiar wanderers, marries into all of life for one brief moment, and then rises back out more complete and fulfilled than if it had spent its whole life in the air.

            For it is not so much that we must seek to transcend existence, but that we must first descend into it. We are already above, the only thing left is to dive.

Thus we come down only so as to go up higher. We descend only so as to ascend. We fall only that we may learn how to eternally fly. For the only way to learn how to fly is to leap into the darkness below.

Climb as high as you desire, but you wonít get your wings until you fall without crashing. Fall spirit, fall. Itís the only way to learn how to fly.

For it is only through this world that we may come to grow above it; what does not put down roots, shall never climb towards the sun. No seed grows toward the sky, without first germinating in the dark and perilous tribulations it will eventually no longer call hell. For like seeds which first must leave the loving light, we suffer as we descend into the darkness- we struggle to blossom in the mire. Oh, there is no vision in the black soil; the seed buried beneath the cold earth shudders at the confinement as it begins to grow out of itself. It knows yet nothing of the sun, and even less of the heliotropic self cannot help but naturally become.

            When the spirit fully descends into and inhabits the flesh, liberating the slumbering consciousness trapped in matter, that is when there is no longer a driver and a vehicle, but instead there is a dance. For the awakened flesh-consciousness, the voice of matter, the Mater, is now in concert with the spirit, the Pater, the two are operating as one whole, joined in wedlock, united and without distance, and separation has become togetherness. Then there is no such thing as Male or Female, there is only Self, for all opposites are relative, based on a point of reference which, if it disappears, they disappear. Thus we must lose relationship to all, so as to identify with all, and so to become all.

            And it is only in crossing into absolute physicality where I have found peace, a peace which is the harmony composed of what is and what isnít, of flesh and spirit, of body and mind. By becoming both I become another, sitting still, and descending my spirit into the flesh, and holding it there, inhibiting consciousness from leaving, and so bringing about the yogic union so harmonious in its peace.

Oh, the mind may convince itself that the flesh is not real, but the flesh knows that it is real, and, in fact, the peace which the spirit seeks in all its rootless flying about is found only when it finally joins the body, because true peace is in the flesh.


Excerpted from:

author Jack Haas, Hawaii coast, lava, palm trees, long hair big beard


ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth

by Jack Haas








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