Osho: the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
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The following quintessential quotes from Osho have been taken from The Way of Wonder: a return to the mystery of ourselves, by Jack Haas.
“Truth is known in such a way that by knowing it the mystery does not disappear; in fact it becomes very, very deep, infinitely deep, ultimately deep. By knowing the truth, nothing is solved. In fact for the first time you are facing the insoluble. This is the paradox, the dilemma!”
“...the absurd is the beautiful and the beautiful is always absurd. ...Each moment is so precious, and each moment brings such precious rewards, you just enjoy it. Get lost in it. Be drunk with life..."
“The stupid effort to drown your ignorance by false knowledge, is the only barrier between you and …reality.”
“You know that nothing can be known, you know that ignorance is primordial, you know that life is a mystery and is going to remain a mystery, and you know that truth is not only unknown but unknowable. You are freed from the illusion of knowledge.”
“Nature is enough... No imposed laws and disciplines are needed. Innocence is enough. No morality is needed. Nature is spontaneous, nature is enough. No imposed laws and disciplines are needed. Innocence is enough. Knowledge is not needed. ...the real guru is life itself. …[Therefore] just be, moment to moment, not knowing who you are...and what you are.”
“My sannyas [i.e. practice] is spontaneity, living moment to moment without any prefabricated discipline, living with the unknown, not exactly knowing where you are going. Because if you already know where you are going you are dead. Then life runs in a mechanical way. A life should be a flow from the known towards the unknown. One should be dying each moment to the known so the unknown can penetrate you. And only the unknown liberates. ...live a life of spontaneity, of nature. Don't try to corrupt your future. Let it be...don't try to manage it. Don't give it a mold and a form and a pattern. ...Remain unprepared, then you will be excited, then each moment will be a joy and a wonder, and each moment will bring something new to you which has never happened, and you will never be bored. ...Move in freedom, move in total freedom, and each moment remember to drop the past. ...Just go on ceasing as far as the past is concerned, dying as far as the past is concerned, so you are totally alive, throbbing, pulsating, streaming...”
“To know is to know that to know is not to know, and that not to know is to know. A real man of understanding knows that he does not know at all. His ignorance is profound. And out of this ignorance arises innocence.”
Sahaja [natural] yoga is the most difficult of the yogas, because there is nothing more difficult than to be effortless, natural, and spontaneous ...to flow like air and water, and not to allow the intellect to come in the way of whatever is happening. ...As soon as the intellect comes in the way, as soon as it interferes, we cease to be...natural, and begin to be...unnatural. ...what I am teaching is sahaja yoga itself. To impose doctrines and dogmas on life is to pervert life. ...All unnaturalness of our life is this- that we are always trying to be different from what we actually are.”
“It is always the case that a man of ultimate consciousness and an absolutely ignorant person seem identical- because their behavior is often similar. This is why there is always a great similarity between a small child and an old man who has attained enlightenment: they are not actually the same, but, superficially they seem alike. Sometimes an enlightened sage acts in a childlike way; sometimes, in the behavior of a child, we get a glimpse of saintliness. Sometimes an enlightened one looks like an absolutely ignorant person, an absolute fool, and it would seem that no one could be as foolish as he. But the sage has gone beyond knowledge while the child has still to arrive at knowledge. The similarity lies in the fact that they are both outside knowledge.”
“...unless you drop all your knowledge, you will not enter back, you will not be received back. Knowledge is the sin and ignorance is the virtue. ...To be ignorant and to know that all knowledge is false, is a radical revolution. Then you remain virgin. Then knowledge never corrupts you.”
“The more you know, the more you feel how ignorant you are. And those who are really wise, they become ignorant. They become as simple as children or as simple as idiots.”
“The ultimate is a mystery, then life becomes a life of wonder. ...And wherever you find mystery there is God. The more you know, the less you will be aware of God; the less you know, the closer God will be to you. If you don't know anything, if you say with absolute confidence 'I don't know' if this 'I don't know' comes from the deepest core of your being, then God will be in your very core, in the very beat of your heart. And then poetry arises...then one falls in love with this tremendous mystery that surrounds you.”
“God has already happened. You are carrying him from the very beginning... You may have forgotten, you may have become completely oblivious, you may not be able to remember who you are, but still you are God.”
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